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Jade Solid Gold (JSG) Music Awards 2009 Results and comments

*Blue for Joey
*Green for Raymond

Gold Song - Joey Yung, In search of deities (EEG)

Four Station Song Award - Leo Ku, The earth is in danger (EEG)

Asia Region Best Hong Kong Female Singer - Joey Yung (EEG)
Asia Region Best Hong Kong Male Singer - Raymond Lam (EEG)

Most Popular Female Singer - Miriam Yeung
Most Popular Male Singer - Leo Ku (EEG)

Top Ten Songs:

1. A letter to myself - Sherman Chung (EEG)
2. Searching for the deities - Joey Yung (EEG)
3. If the time comes - Raymond Lam (EEG)
4. Gam Gong Ging - Denise Ho
5. The earth is in danger - Leo Ku (EEG)
6. Here We Are - Kary Ng
7. Two missing one - Charlene Choi (EEG)
8. Wrong - Stephanie Cheng
9. Actually I am happy - Miriam Yeung
10. Deeply Moving - Joey Yung (EEG)

Best Composer: Mark Lui (If the world has no fairytale, Janice Vidal)

Best lyricist: Chang Mei Yee (If the time comes, Raymond Lam)

Best Arranger: Johnny Yim (If time comes, Raymond Lam)

Best Producer: Mark Lui (Where did you go?, GEM)

Most Popular Duets:

Gold: My memory is not mine - Vincy Chan, Hoi Ming Wai (EEG)
Silver: Once and for all - Julian Cheung, Myolie Wu
Bronze: Loving is painful - Linda Chung, Wei Xiong

Best Remake Song:
Gold: A letter for myself - Sherman Chung (EEG)
Silver: Open up to happiness - Joey Yung (EEG)
Bronze: Finally know I'm wrong - William Chan (EEG)

Most Popular Commercial Song:
Double Champion (Broadway) - Joey Yung (EEG)

Best Mandarin Song:
Gold: Lonely Man - Gary Chow
Silver: Is this love? - Joey Yung (EEG)
Bronze: After tomorrow - Vincy Chan, Raymond Lam (EEG)

Best Newcomer:
Gold : Kate Tsui
Silver: Wong Chi Hin
Bronze: Lok Tong

Recommended Newcomer:

Singer Composer Award:
Gold: Ivana Wong
Silver: Justin
Bronze: Pong Nan

2009 Outstanding Performance:
Gold: GEM
Silver: Charlene Choi (EEG)
Bronze: Linda Chung

Stage Award: Grasshoppers

Best Group:
Gold: Rubberband
Silver: FAMA
Bronze: Hotcha

Ivy : Wooooow to Joey and Raymond......and also to EEG........HAHAHAHA.............I was surprised or perhaps half surprised with this year's award results. A total of 20 awards from EEG artistes, 7 from Joey, 3 from Leo, 2 and half from Raymond, 2 each from Charlene and Sherman, 1 each from William Chan and Vincy and half from Hoi Ming Wai.

First thing, it was obvious with the disputes between HKRIA and TVB, singers from the four big stations will not be attending and also will not win any awards. Thus, I will not think of the award with them included in it. I'm sure there will be big fans rage over this issue and also with Miriam winning most popular singer again this year and not Joey. But I choose to stay out of this as I'm really very happy with Joey's results already. 7 awards in one ceremony is already another record. However, if Joey's performance maintains this year, and TVB repeats this the 3rd time, I'm sure people will not stay quiet anymore. They shouldn't let a record hold back another singer's deserving award! So what if Joey breaks Anita Mui's record?? I'm sure Anita in heaven will bless whoever who deserves an award and will not want her passing to hold back any talents in the music industry!

Oh, I think I haven't say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! to Joey!!!! HAHAHA...too carried away with the other hot^^ stuffs from the award. Joey practically sang all of her hit songs that night...LOL. In my joking opinion, Joey should win 10 awards instead of 7...hahaha...let me rationalise this. In all the previous years, there are 3 commercial song award (Gold, Silver, Bronze). Out of the five final nominations, three of Joey's songs is in it. Thus, if she swept all 3 awards, that will leave Joey with 9 awards. So the final one, the deserving most popular female singer award...Wala~~10 awards....hahaha...that will really be a PERFECT TEN then! However, TVB decided to only give 1 commercial song award this year. Hey, come to think of it, that's probably the reason why they didn't want to make it 3 this year. HAHAHA....

Next, Raymond!! The look on Raymond's face when he won the Asia Singer Award! HAHAHA...he was so dumbfounded, shocked, surprised, stuttering, tearing!!!!! HAHAHA.....I could replay that scene again and again..LOL!!! Anyhow, I'm a little surprised with his win...this award is what most singers aim to get...even Joey only managed to get it after 9 years in the industry. I will not say Raymond does not deserve it and only got it because Eason is not around. Raymond is indeed famous in Asia. However, the award is a little early for him. Nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS to Raymond!!!!

3 ceremonies passed, now left with RTHK awards which will be held on 30th January also showing on Astro Wah Lai Toi live 7.30pm!! Looking forward to it! All The Best to Joey!!

P.S before i forget!!! I'm happy with Sherman's win!!! A letter to myself is one of my favourite songs last year!!! YEAH! Congrats!

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