Monday, March 29, 2010

Hong Kong Artiste current trend??

I wanted to write this post up yesterday. However because I was too caught up with uni work, so only decided to write this after midnight, which means sacrifice some time off my sleep. LOL.

I recently realised that there's a current trend between Hong Kong artiste going on now with Sina's Weibo. What is Weibo?? Well, its similar to Twitter only just a little more interactive. Well, basically, a chinese version of Twitter. I came to know about it through Joey because her facebook got banned....and Twitter was banned for China, so she created one on Weibo. From there, I first realise many other HK singers are there. In fact, almost the whole HK singing community is there. Among them are Kenny Kwan, Vincy, Sherman, Andy Hui, Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, Gigi Leung, Denise Ho, At17, Eric Suen, Stephy Tang, Miriam Yeung, Hins Cheung.....................

From Weibo, you can actually see them communicating with each other which are sometimes really hillarious. For example, sharing thoughts on food, ideas, bickering, arguing, joking with each other etc.

Recently, the trend has extended to not only singers but also industry people such as music producers, lyricist (Wyman Wong registered 2 days ago), composers, managers (Mani) and also TVB artiste!!

Among TVB artiste who were first active users include Myolie, Bosco, Sharon Chan, Leila Tong, Kingdom Yuen, Joe Ma and Bowie Lam. And now the trend has spread to Michael Tse and also most recently Christine Ng. I was lucky enough to be on Weibo when Christine registered (well, actually Sharon helped Christine to register an account coz she probably didn't know how...LOL). Christine started posting messages on Weibo and I randomly commented on one and surprisingly I received a reply from her! Here's how it went:

伍詠薇 回复 @Ivyryc:我真的超搞笑, 改變不了!多謝你來玩! (3月27日 16:49)

Translation: Christine posted something funny,

so I told her: Your're humorous. That's the reason that I like you! Haha...Yeah!

Christine replied: I really am extremely humorous, my character can't be changed anymore! Thank you for coming to play in here!

And after that Christine's following messages were really funny such as calling Bosco handsome guy, grumbling that some artiste hasn't greeted her on Weibo when others did (which Sharon commented, asking her to hit his 'pat pat'(backside) when she sees him)...LOL. And Sharon, Myolie and Christine seems to be good friends having nicknames for each other. Recently, Christine has been commented to have been poisoned by the Weibo addiction...Hahaha..n all the artiste are making fun of her about it.

Well basically, that's Weibo and I'm predicting more artiste will be joining the community soon! So, for those who has some basic Chinese character literacy(you don't need a can actually guess the buttons), join Weibo to know more of your idols and see how they interact with their peers and maybe interact with you too! haha...just click any of the links below and click the buton 注册 to register an account!

Here's a list of Weibo page suggestions to start with:

My Weibo page(add me after you register!! LOL):

I'll stop here!!!! If not the list will keep going on and on..............Leave the rest for you guys to find out or ask me if you wanna know if your idol is on Weibo! LOL....I'll let you know if I know!!

P.S. All Weibo URL above are confirmed to personally belong to the respected artiste

Received another reply from Christine today...LOL

伍詠薇 回复 @Ivyryc:知道! (23分钟前)
我:我又來啦~~~早點覺吧Miss 5!!健康生活...哈哈哈


Christine said she was tired so I said: I'm here again~~~Sleep earlier Miss 5!! Healthy lifestyle...HAHAHA

Christine: Alright!

P.S. She's really cute! And I think I did a typo, but she understood my message anyways...LOL


Anonymous said...

I dont know chinese dat well but can u help me!
I am chinese and i just created a sina ac ^^

Ivy said...

Hi Apple!!! Sure, just let me know what help you need/give me your account URL and I'll add u there at Sina =)

llwy12 said...

Hi Ivy,

Thanks for your post. I'm on Weibo as well and am currently 'following' 99 artists (and the list is!

I am excited to report that I also got a response from Christine as well -- she actually responded to my post in English, which was very nice!

Now that I think about it, maybe I should write up a couple posts about my Weibo experiences on my blog as well!

Glendaajackson said...

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