Friday, March 19, 2010

Joey Yung 'Summer's Eve' Commercial

Recently, more money making for Joey as she is the spokesperson of Summer's Eve feminine hygiene wash. Here's the CM:

I wonder what Joey as a female artiste hasn't endorse...LOL. She really is a commercial queen. A list of commercial that I can think of now that she endorsed/endorses includes:

1) H2O+~, Hong Kong
2) McDonald's (current)
3) Mioggi BB Cream (current)
4) Broadway Electronics (current)
5) Mei Sam Mooncakes
6) Citizen Watches (current)
7) Reebok Hong Kong (current)
8) Coca-cola (current)
9) Nissin noodles
10) Visa Card
11) INSE Kitchen appliances (current)
12) Unicef
13) Bird's nest drink
14) Slimming centre
15) Asia Games Expo (current)
16) Nikon
17) Property development company (where My Pride was the themesong)
18) YCMD winter clothings (current)
19) Lingerie brand, China
21) Summer's Eve female hygiene (current)

She really already made a fortune for her to live comfortably for the rest of her I wish I can achive that too by the age of 30!! LOL


SB said...

she has also endorsed pepsi and shampoo (lux super rich)!

Blogger said...

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