Thursday, March 18, 2010

[17 Mar 2010] EEG Insures Joey’s Voice for HK$50million

Source: Xinhuanet

Since last year when Joey Yung discovered she had some callus on her vocal chords, which caused her to sound hoarse, she had been worried that it would affect her singing career. After spending 3 months to recuperate, and travelling to Nanjing to have acupuncture, she has slowly gotten better. Afterwards, Joey had secretly gone into hospital to have an examination, and the doctors discovered that the callus had disappeared, which made Joey very happy when she was told of this. To protect their ‘money tree’, EEG has decided to spend HK$50million to insure Joey’s vocal chords.
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Ivy: 50 Million!! EEG really do know how to secure themselves. Well I hope they don't even need to claim this insurance! LOL
Btw, Fahrenheit is coming to KL (or rather they are already here) this Saturday. Now I'm thinking should I drop by to have a look?? HAHA...the only reason is because I want to see Wu Zhun in person...LOL. Since I'm not really a fan and don't really listen to their music. Will consider it.....LOL

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