Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Next Magazine TV Awards 2008 : Results

Top 10 TV Artists

1. Liza Wang
2. Lee Sze Kei
3. Moses Chan
4. Myolie Wu
5. Charmaine Sheh
6. Raymond Lam
7. Bosco Wong
8. Bernice Liu
9. Linda Chung
10. Suzanna Kwan

Most Potential New Male Artist: Wong Cho Lam
Most Potential New female Artist: Fala Chen

Sponsors' Awards

3D-Gold Charismatic Actress Award: Myolie Wu
HEKURA Most Improved Female Artist: Fala Chen
PHILIPS Extraordinary Acting Award: Liza Wang
RMK High Definition Skin Award: Charmaine Sheh
BELLA Flawless Skin Award: Kathy Chow Man Kei
HAPPY SHOP Active Artist Award: Suki Tsui
MARIE FRANCE Alluring Body Award: Bernice Liu
MEN'S SKIN CENTRES BY BELLA Most Improved Male Artist: Amigo Chui
SVENSON Healthy Hair Award: Moses Chan

Top 10 TV Program

1. Heart of Greed
2. War of In Laws 2
3. The Drive of Life
4. Fathers and Sons
5. Word Twisters Adventures
6. Steps
7. The Family Link
8. Eating Healthy 鮮入為煮 (ATV)
9. The Ultimate Crime Fighter
10. Best Selling Secrets

Magazine scans credits to Bebe from BBS :

Magazine scans credits to 射手座的女生 from BBS ( Super Trio Supreme and 東山飄雨西關晴 blessing ceremony) :

Super Trio Supreme News Clip :

clip credits to Bebe

Ivy : Congratulations to Charmaine for being in 5th Position and also winning the High Definition Skin Award!! 7 years in a row!! Woo Hoo~~!! Just like I predicted...Top 10 and also winning sponsorers award. Also Drive Of Life and Word Twisters' Adventure is in the list!! Yay!! Thanks to all netizens who contributed in voting!

I was expecting Lee Sze Kei to take the 1st spot but haha....seems like no one can take the place away from ever gracious and respectable Liza Jie! I also expected Sussana to take a better spot but hmm....being able to be in Top 10 is a great honour already...especially she just came back to the industry. Also not to forget....Congratulations Raymond!! Hehe..he made it at last and just behind Charmaine!

More pictures and clips soon.....

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