Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #11

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : All Grasped

Today is the handover of Hong Kong to China. Being locally born and also studying in overseas, actually I don't really have much interest on this. I just wish that after the handover, Hong Kong's economy will continue to prosper. But I deeply believe that the economy will continue to grow well. Through the hillside houses, my father and I will surely be a powerful trillionaire.

At this celebration day, the matter which I care the most is if the person I care the most is beside me. Therefore, I chose to watch the fireworks with my family and friends in a presidential suite. The one woman who is very important in my mind, Wing Sau Fung is also one of the invited guest.

After that, I took Sau Fung on a ride on the tram to watch the city lights. In here, love is born. Although at this moment, the relationship is a mix of feelings and personal interest, but it doesn't matter. As long as it is romantic. I will also not care if tomorrow will be a better day. Because I believe, today I have grasped all.

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Finally Started

Tonight is a very important night to Hong Kong citizens. Because we are now a part of the Chinese citizen.

But I, this ordinary Hong Kong female citizen also experienced the most unusual feeling since birth.

Ready for any sacrifices from this, Wah Zhan Pong and myself kissed and hugged on the tram. I know that I should not like him on any condition and he should also not like me. But after that warm encounter, when I am writing these words, I feel very disturbed.

Now everything is going on well. Zhan Pong will sell the hill view units to me on a 20% discount. He will also allow me to be the speculator.

What I can be sure is I will make lots of money. But it also went through my mind. If ever any of us fall into any misfortune, will we still be able to remain a pair. Thinking of how cruel human nature is, I really could not live safely and happily.

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