Monday, October 13, 2008

Nick Cheung Ka Fai returns to TVB, not afraid of rumors with Charmaine Sheh

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[The Sun 13/10/2008]

Nick Cheung, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh and others filmed TVB sales presentation clip yesterday. In the clip, Nick has plenty of intimate scenes with rumor queen Charmaine Sheh but he is not afraid of rumors because he never had any. He equates it like hearing that TVB has ghost, but he himself never encounter one. He joked: "TVB young artistes has already taken over, they took all the series and court all the women!"

TVB annual sales presentation will take place next month, therefore they have been filming promotional clips for series planned for next year to present to advertisers. Nick has not returned to TVB for 4-5 years recently filmed a lawn bowling scene with Moses Chan, Bowie Lam and Maggie Siu for proposed series 《绝地击情》(Juet Dei Gik Ching). Producer Chik Kei Yi was also present to supervise filming.


Seeking fresh feeling

Regarding his first collaboration with Moses, Charmaine, Kate Tsui etc, Nick joked: "Filming TVB sales presentation this year, I feel that TVB is strong, their younger batch of artistes can carry on their own, they took over all the series and court all the women!" When asked if he is afraid of having rumors with Charmaine, he laughed: "Rumors are just rumors. You will never know it's true or false. I also hear that TVB has ghost, but so far I've never seen one. The only 'ghost' I've seen is Greg River (Ho Kwok Wing, ex-TVB Caucasian actor – cantonese slang for foreigner is 'gwai lo'. Gwai = ghost). I’ve never had rumors before, let's see if I’ll succeed this time." Won't you be afraid of your wife Esther Kwan getting jealous? "It's just work, if she gets jealous so easily I'd better retire." As for Charmaine: "The cast for sales presentation and the actual series might not be the same, however I hope to work with Nick. We never collaborated before therefore it should be a fresh feeling."

In addition, Moses sported a new look with moustache and wearing bright colored clothes for filming. He said that his character is a casino tycoon and he specially planned his appearance for the clip.


News Translation credit to Sehseh.

Ivy : Charmaine and Nick Cheung looked good together! Better than what I expected. Hehe.

By the way, TVB Calender shooting is going on. Hope to see the pictures soon!! As of now, Charmaine should be featured in November month like last year!

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