Thursday, October 9, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #9

Done with uploading the videos. I uploaded an interview clip of Tavia and Louise Lee taken during their Heart Of Greed Promo in Ipoh. Also another 2 clips of Moses Chan and Linda Chung's interview also during the same promo event. As the clip exceeds 10 minutes so it is splitted to 2 parts. ENJOY!

Tavia and Louise Lee Interview

Tavia and Louise used a little bit of the Malay language here LOL. But hmm...this time it wasn't that 'bad'. Haha.

Moses Chan and Linda Chung Interview Part 1

Part 2

This is very rare to see! hahaha. Moses plays the piano while Linda Chung sings?hehehe. Linda also knows how to play the piano but I think she almost forgotten how to as she had so much difficulty playing Beethoven's 'Fur Elise'. Haha.

Ivy : I'll be going down to KL tomorrow until Sunday! I already went to apply for uni yesterday and after thinking so long....almost a year now I finally chose my course preference. I'm applying for a double degree in Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of Communications. I'll be taking this degree in Monash University KL(Vivian Yeo will be my 'Si Jie'??She took Biotech in there before entering beauty pageant). Intake is in means February next year, I will be staying in KL!!

Why this course? Business and Commerce is a safe course especially the job prospect. And for Communications, its more to my interest. Hehe. Maybe influenced by blogging and also TVB? Haha. Anyway, waiting for offer letter. So hope for good news!

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