Thursday, October 9, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Post : 9th October 2008

First Day of Enterprise Doctor

Were you all frightened by me?


I took this picture on my first day of outdoor filming for Enterprise Doctor. I feel that this image is tremendously hillarious so I post it up here to share with you all.

Original Blog Post and Picture Credits to Charmaine Sheh TVB Blog.

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Ivy : This picture really made me laugh! Hahaha. Such a funny picture. LOL. DO SUPPORT CHARMAINE'S BLOG!! Even if you have difficulties in voting, just visit her blog. As blog hits counts too! More on voting for the 41st Anniversary Awards, please read this post

Besides, there were news on a probability of Charmaine working with Kevin, Tavia, Moses, Michelle Yim and Sussana Kwan in a new Mui Siu Ching production next year. It will be a 2009 grand production and a Tang Dynasty Drama. I hope this is real and TVB will keep the cast from the sales presentation because I LOVE THE CAST!! Hahaha.

And also there were good response for the Tavia, Moses and Raymond interview clip I posted below. So I went to look for my old recordings and I found previous episodes of the same program which featured some other interviews of the HOG casts. So I'll post them up once uploading is done!

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