Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #8 (video reuploaded 1st Sept 09')

I wanted to upload this video some time ago when it was aired but then I forgotten about it. V reminded me of it recently so I went to dig out my discs and found the recording. This is definitely a must watch clip as it is very funny(especially for Malaysians and those who understands Malay).

This interview was taken when Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan came to Malaysia for Heart Of Greed Finale Dinner in August. They were challenged on a Malay tongue twister and the outcome turned out to be............

Download Link :


Anonymous said...

Ivy, can i give this clips to other fans? or can i upload to megavideo or youtube? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Sorry, may i know what were the malay words? as in translated to english.
THANKS for sharing!! SO FUNNY!! esp the ET one.
-SarahL. from SG.

kesha said...

Tonight’s episode begins as dan evicts Jerry. Dan tells us that Jerry slithered his way into the final three, and I hate to be the one to cut him, but if he would have made it to the final two, he probably would have won. After jerry leaves, the guys have a celebration dance in the living room. dan dances on the coffee table and waves his red bandanna around.


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