Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Charmaine Sheh Does Not Respond To Rumours

6th October 2008

Charmaine Sheh, Dayo Wong and Theresa Lee were filming outdoor scenes for TVB new drama Enterprise Doctor(企業醫生). This is the first time Charmaine is working with Dayo and Theresa. Charmaine is worried that Dayo changes too quickly(filming) therefore she has to be on full alert while filming with him. This is the first time Charmaine is back to filming after her 3 months break. Because she was away from filming for 3 months, Charmaine was anxious about filming the next day and could not sleep the night before.

Charmaine's rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan was asked on the rumours between Charmaine and Kevin during an event in Macau. Benny expressed that they are good friends. To this, Charmaine was a little annoyed and said, "No Comments!" When further asked will she pick Benny or Kevin? Charmaine was a little unhappy and responded, " I will not respond to questions not related to the drama."

On the other hand, Dayo Wong looked tired and he responded that this is only his character in the drama. He also expressed that working with small children in this drama will be challenging to him!

Additional News Not Related to Enterprise Doctor :

Yoyo Mung Praises Charmaine Sheh

Yoyo Mung speaks again after stating that she feels Charmaine Sheh is TV Queen(Sihao) during an interview and expressed, "I do not want to depend on Ekin Cheng for fame." She also further added that TVB has many TV Queen like Amy Kwok, Jessica Hsuen and Gigi Lai which are very famous in China. But in Hong Kong, Charmaine Sheh is very famous because her biggest charm is that the female gender also likes her very much!

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Ivy : Charmaine in that picture really melts hearts! Hahaha. Love the blue on her! And also Charmaine is starting to get annoyed with the Kevin rumours and refuse to give any further responds. I'm sure the rumours will die down very soon. Also so nice of Yoyo to give those remarks! I agree with her that Charmaine attracts many female fans. Because most of her fans I know are females! LOL!

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