Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 28th October 2008

Jewelry Advertisment


This time, I am sharing some pictures I took for a jewellery brand.

Are the jewelleries beautiful?

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Ivy : Seems like Charmaine wore her own dress to the photoshoot. I could recognise some of the outfits where she wore to some other events like Kids Song Award and also for filming. More pictures for Grandpa Jo to go gaga....

I just finished watching "Last One Standing" and I am impressed with the series. The storyline and progress of the plot was good! There are suspense throughout the whole series. And also improvement could be seen in Kevin Cheng and Elaine Yiu's acting. Besides, Roger Kwok manages to play his evil role well and Yoyo Mung also played something different from her previous usual 'Madam' roles. I do reccomend this series for those who haven't watch it!

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