Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West : Previews Week 2

Week 2 of previews from Astro On Demand. I hope I got the arrangements correct as it is quite confusing as to which comes first. Haha. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!! Download links will be added later.

Preview 1 & 2

Preview 3

Download : Sharebig

Preview 4

Download : Sharebig

Ivy : My internet at home is still not fixed.....So I still can't go online at home! Hope it can be fixed in these few days. I may be going down to KL this weekend and also next week. Suddenly I feel like I'm going down to KL so often...All Singers For TVB 41st Anniversary Special will be broadcast live this Saturday and I think I'm going to miss this.... =_= ......KC...record record for me ar pls pls pls.....hehehe...The events seems quite interesting this year as they are going back to the classic songs....and I'm looking forward to Joey-Sussana-Miriam duet!

As to Raymond Lam's event last weekend, haha..same as Jessie, quite a dissapointment....The event was supposed to start at 9.30pm but Raymond arrived at almost 11pm. Because he fell sick and had to go to the hospital for medical examination...and also he could not sing because he lost his voice..So Raymond Lam's 签唱会 became 签名会.....But anyway I managed to let him sign my album and shook hands with him. I didn't wait for the event to end as by the time I got his autograph, it was almost 12am and I need about an hour to reach home....As to Vincy....she didn't attend the event. As Raymond couldn't sing so it's pointless for her to be there..haha.

As to recording of 'My Pride', I recorded it already at home yesterday. So uploading now....No making fun of me Grandpa Jo! Haha.

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