Friday, October 24, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 23rd October 2008

Sharing Pictures


Earlier I went for photoshoot for a few different products. Wonder if you all have seen these in the newspapers or magazines? What about I post some pictures up here to share with you all :

Next time I'll post up more pictures here. Remember to keep visiting my blog!

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Ivy : Nice pictures!! Hehehe. When I saw the picture of Charmaine with the two apples... I can't help imagining Grandpa Jo's thoughts...haha..he must be imagining..Charmaine : "Jo Pao, red apple for me, green apple for you!"..hahaha..then Grandpa Jo jaw dropping.."Thank You, Ah Sheh...Green..I like I like..Although more sour but you give ge..sour also become sweet.." Wakaka...sorry ar don't kill me Jo Pao! Haha.

Anyway, back to serious business..ahem..Have you visited Charmaine's Blog yet? Please go visit her blog to increase her blog hits and increase her chance of winning an award at the anniversary celebration!! Go go go!!

Also, please excuse me if updates are slow especially with Charmaine's news. Because my modem got short-circuit by lightning!!! So I can't go online at nights at home and only could come here in the mornings using my mum's office connection. I hope it could be fix ASAP!

Also, I will be seeing Raymond Lam again tomorrow! Haha. His mini concert tour in Malaysia with Vincy!! Hope that it will be a good one and not as chaos because it is held in Penang. Hehe.


Don't know why after translating then feel like visiting Genting website..LOL. Then saw eh..Liza Wang coming for concert!! Showed my mum and woohoo straight away booked. Haha. Last year when Liza came, we missed it because WLT Drama Awards was one week after so we didn't want to go two rounds to Genting and chose the awards instead. This time cannot miss it! Hehe. So 6th December..Liza Wang Live in Genting! Hehe. When I was small, Genting was for theme park, then now for concerts and in the future(hopefully not) casinos....??? Hope I'll enjoy this concert like Joey's concert and also Sally Yeh's concert before!!


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