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Charmaine Sheh Not Avoiding Press

18 October 2008
Emma Lam

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Dayo Wong (佘詩曼), Theresa Lee (李綺紅), Mandy Cho (曹敏莉) and Michael Tse (謝天華) were among the cast members of TVB series Enterprise Doctor <企業醫生> taking part in the blessing ceremony for filming yesterday.

Charmaine was quizzed by the press about her experience of filming with rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) for the sales presentation clip of Liu San Jie <劉三好> this week and why she has been evading the reporters over the last few days. She insisted that she was not avoiding the press, but she did not want to respond to questions about the rumours any more. With the main series filming for Liu planned for February, the reporters suggested that this could mean the rumours will still be around by then. When she heard this, Charmaine asked them not to frighten her.

Asked if her co-star Dayo has been more reserved around her during filming to avoid getting caught up in her rumours, Charmaine said that she did not think this was the case and suggested that the question should be directed back to Dayo.

Theresa spoke about a funny incident when her son visited her on set. They were filming on location on that day and Charmaine was getting changed in the van, when Theresa's son pulled the curtain away, giving Charmaine a fright. She smiled that fortunately, everyone made light of the situation and Charmaine was fine about it.

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Ivy : I could imagine Charmaine's reaction when Theresa's son opened the curtain! Hahaha. Wonder how old is he?? As to other rumours with Kevin, I'm tired of reading these news so no comments.....

Also yesterday was my karaoke competition. Haha. And I was the 1st runner-up. Not bad for my first time and also unexpectedly thrown into this competition. Hehehe. I don't think anyone took a video last night and my mum did not take a video of me singing as she wasn't sitting on the front table. As to how big was the crowd of audience?? Hmm.. around 25 tables of 10pax so means 250 people. That's the first time in my life singing infront of these many people. Hehe. Nervous?? Of course! I only remember I was gulping to whoever knows how many glasses of warm water before going up stage. LOL....What a relieve after I sang. It was a good experience for me joining a competition like this. Hehe. Good training of courage really!!

As there isn't a video so maybe I'll record myself singing 'My Pride' up here to share with you all. Haha. I won't post now coz not yet record..hehehe. Just post up a picture of my throphy first...Also besides the throphy, I am also RM400 richer...LOL! Also thanks for the support and congratulatory messages that I received!! Thanks to all of you!!


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