Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : Fung Pong Blog #12

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Just A Dream

My dream is to earn a big sum of money, buy a banglo and bring my mum to tour around the world all with my own ability. I thought that this dream is very easy to be realised. I am young, I have the ability, how could I not realise it?

When I invested in the Vast View Units with Zhan Pong at a low price, I thought that I have moved another step forward towards my dream. But turned out, I walked into a nightmare. I lost everything I have in a night. My job, reputation, money and status, all swept away. In front of me, there are only chaos. How I wish that everything was just a dream.

I only understand now, 'As Soon as One Sinks, A hundred Will Step On'. I was always the tough one, but now, I feel that I have lost all strength. I don't even have the strength to cry. I could only repeat in my mind, 'Tomorrow, tomorrow will be a new day, my strength will return, teach me and let me know what should I do next.'

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Unconditional Love

Financial crisis, is a death sentence to the Vast View Units. Simultaneously, it is also Kwok Wai's death sentence. No, I cannot blame this on others. It was me. It was me who was too ambitious, who pushed Kwok Wai to its death. I destroyed my father's hard work for all these years. I am a loser.

At this time, I did not expect my father could still console me. When my whole family were playing 'Monopoly', he patted my shoulder. He consoled me and hope that I will go over to the car factory and start all over again. I remembered the Bible mentioned, Jesus loves everyone in the world, it was unconditional love. I am not sure if God really exists in this world, but at least I know there is unconditional love. That is always forgiving, always containing.

But, Sau Fung and myself, I couldn't consider this as love. I did not protect her well. She will never forgive me. At this moment, I am unable to protect myself. How would I dare to love someone? Love affairs, I'll have to leave them aside. Sau Fung, Goodbye.

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Ivy : Modem repaired for now. Although there seems to be some problem of keep on disconnected....But at least I get to go online at home! I'm leaving for KL tomorrow so I may not be online this weekend. Anything urgent, leave a message at the cbox/email/sms me. Hehe. I'm still ranting on going to miss the All Singers Show Live..haha. Seems like much fun for this year as even Dodo herself is going to be performing a dance with Grasshopper!!! Hahhaa. Thats rare...Dodo Cheng Dancing.....

Also Bosco & Super Trio Fans : Bosco will be coming to Sunway Pyramid on 4th November(Tuesday), 7pm together with the 4 Super Trio hosts(Eric Tsang, Louis Yuen, Chin Ka Lok and Wong Cho Lam), King Kong, Catherine Chow, Carlo Ng, Cheung Mei Nei(Scoop lady host) and several other local artiste to meet the fans and also play games. Don't miss the chance to meet Bosco!

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