Monday, November 3, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special: FungPong Blog #13

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Crawl Up

Today, my boss 'Cushion Wai' talked to me for a very long time. I am sued by a client for using dishonest techniques to sell pillows. I used to ignore. I will rarely feel embarrased or regret for any of my own actions. I was always calm when facing anger and accusation of other people.

But today, when 'Cushion Wai' talked to me and advised me gently, I unexpectedly had the impulse to make a new move. That is to have my reputation justified.

I rarely reconsider myself. I always practice, as long as I achieve my goal, who gets injured in the middle does not matter.

But after experiencing bankruptcy, unemployment, career change, sued by customer today, I then thought, perhaps I should change my former way of work and life.

I recognise money and not people. But when I fell into the valley, didn't I end up relying on people's faith to get back up on my feet? I need to change. I have the confidence that I will be able to achieve this.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Beijing! Here I come!

Finally arrive at the car factory in Beijing! Arriving in a new place, the feeling is different, even the air feels fresher! I have to make an achievement, I cannot let down my father.

Before showing any results, I have to first inspect the enviroment. After surveying for these few days, I have discovered several major problems. First, besides second uncle, all the other workers treats me as a 'Boastful Master', or perhaps even 'Evil King'. Second, the car factory have human affair problems and the physical distribution management causes the productionefficiency not up to par. Third, my room unexpectedly does not have a toilet! Fourth, I am thinking of Sau Fung.

First and second problem is very easy to solve. Because of some specialized knowledge and also my social skills, I have confidence to let them obey me and bring the factory towards e-approach. The third problem is quite fussy. When my tummy aches, then I'll just look for Bing Yee. Fourth problem, I already sent an email to Sau Fung, but she did not reply.

Oo, this type of woman, it will be hard to gain her back.

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

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Ivy : Went online at my mum's office to post this up! My house internet is still giving me problems!! Paid for repairs and now same problem.....and also my laptop..keep on hanging...oh no..I hope its not because of virus or something..I'll go broke paying for repairs!! Choi! I'll try to update as frequent as possible once I have the chance to go online!!

I watched the TVB All Singers Special already today. Thanks to KC for recording! And I enjoyed this year's concept compared to the 'red' and 'white' competition in previous years. The TVB studio turned into a 'disco' that night. Something that I've never seen before. Haha. The atmosphere was so high and all the audience were standing up dancing. Haha. Overall it was very fun to watch. But I feel that it will be better if they added more special performances by the singers. Felt like there were too little performances. Also I enjoyed listening to Shirley Kwan singing the themesong to Gem Of Life ^^

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