Thursday, November 6, 2008

Charmaine's Schedule

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Promotion/Charity Event

Date : 6th November 2008(Thursday)
Time : 12.30pm
Venue : Tseung Kwan O Seafood Restaurant

A-fontane 2008 Winter/Fall Exhibition

Date: 8th November 2008(Saturday)
Venue : Guangzhou, China

Ivy : More events for Charmaine!! Hehe. I will post more updates up today to enjoy the opportunity to go online today! I always like A-fontane events. Hehe. Wonder what gimmic will they use this year. Last year Charmaine advertised their Wedding Range on a Sedan Chair...

As to WESFOTSW...I haven't watch it seriously yet. AOD is airing episode 8 already so I have to catch up fast!! Because the timing seems to always clash...Haha... So I have to sacrifice TDOL for Easterly. And once OTFB ends this Friday then I'll have to switch to watching TGOL. Haha. Oh btw..I think I haven't mention in my blog post..I just subscribed to Astro On Demand. LOL. Oh no..I think I fell into Astro's trap...1300-82-8888....that hotline to subscribe is stuck on my head because of too much viewing of channel 302! Hahaha. The reason I subscribed is because I'm going to Uni coming February so if I don't subscribe, I won't have the time to watch Gem Of Life and also other coming series.

I heard Linda's subtheme for TGOL last night. Not Bad. The melody sounds a little similar to the themesong by Shirley Kwan.

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