Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #10 : Last Paradise:Series 2

Last week TVB Jade aired Last Paradise(travelogue) Series 2. This time featuring Joey Yung in Switzerland. I watched it earlier and it was very nice! The scenery is just unbelievably beautiful. Joey filmed this just around a month ago and I was surprised at first that its released so fast. LOL. After watching this, I feel like squeezing her neck tight with my hands and scream, "How could this 28-year old be that LUCKY!!!" Hahaha. But of course, she worked really hard and went through a lot to reach her Queen of Cantopop(Tin Hao) status today, similarly Charmaine worked really hard in her acting to reach her TVB Fadan status.

I like the way Joey narrates the show. Joey always has difficulty in talking seriously and expressing herself, similarly she sounds so funny talking seriously in here. So it just makes me laugh when she starts acting serious talking about global warming/environment and stuff. Glad that she doesn't have the Diva attitude! Enjoy! Also...I do hope that TVB will let Charmaine film more travelogues. Maybe 'On The Road'. hehe.

Trailers :

Youtube streaming episode 1 :

Part 2

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DarkSide said...

Hi there, can you please help me to provide the link for last paradise 2 starting from episode 3 to the current episode being aired now? I couldn't get any sources to aid me for the downloading ever since is no longer available..thank u