Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special: FungPong Blog #14

Wing Sau Fung : Have to Understand Humility

From today onwards, I have to live a humble life. I have to stop looking at everything from the money perspective. I will not use cheating methods to obtain benefits and authority and also for promotion. Also, I must not despise othersand be friendly, appreciative and contented towards others. Even to the unambitious Siu Fung Gor, or the unproductive salesgirl colleague.

Do not think that bankruptcy is my judgement day.
Never think of myself too painstakingly.
Stop being materialistic.
Continue to cherish mummy, even if I cannot provide her with a luxury life.
Must Fill my life with happy matters, for example, build a friendly relationship with my colleagues.
Must move towards a bright positive path in life.
Must be joyful, even if poor.

I must understand what is a humble life. I want to be a brand new Wing Sau Fung!

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Please Believe Me

The factory couldn't make profit, the biggest reason is the bad management and slow distribution. That is why I insisted on using computer system and also carrying out the 'Zero Warehouse Save'.

As long as the factory uses computer system and order from several manufacturers to deliver the automobile parts directly to the factory punctually, and also pre-assemble it, then there will be no need for a warehouse. This will also save manpower and avoid production inefficiency caused by raw material surplus or insufficiency.

But then, most of the factory worker does not believe me. I knew that this was because of prejudice. Because of their prejudice on me, they are not willing to reform even for better or worse. Thanks to Second Uncle, I have the opportunity to prove this plan.

So long as everyone is willling to co-operate and no more bickering, then I'm sure these three days trial of the 'ZeroWarehouse Save' will go on smoothly, and there will be promotion of product efficiency. Please Believe Me.

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