Friday, November 14, 2008

Charmaine Sheh Amused By Dayo Wong


Charmaine Sheh is busy filming for new series Enterprise Doctor <企 業 醫 生> recently. In the series, Charmaine and Dayo Wong has many scenes together. Earlier, the two were spotted at around 5pm filming in a cafe at Happy Valley. Before the camera rolls, comedic Dayo was seen immersely chatting with Charmaine with many hand and feet gestures. Charmaine was left in laughters by him. After filming, the atmosphere changed when they realised there were reporters nearby. The two kept a distance and left seperately.

Charmaine and her assistant left first. She bears a smiley face when reporters took her pictures and did not show any signs of annoyment. On the other hand, Dayo was evasive and avoiding the cameras and finally left by car.

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Ivy : The doggies ruining the atmosphere again......Charmaine looks great in that outfit!! Love the shirt, the skirt and the watch!! Love the hairstyle too! And hehe they are having Starbucks Coffee...LOL.

TVB Anniversary Awards Presentation is tomorrow!! I'm going to glue myself to the TV screen at 8.30pm tomorrow! Haha. Looking forward to see what outfits they are all going to be in. Also, to Malaysians, many artiste will be coming over in the coming months. So far, these are the events that I know so far :

1. The Gem Of Life Gala Dinner with Bosco Wong, Maggie Shiu, Bowie Lam and Kenny Wong on Dec 5th in Kuala Lumpur.

2. Linda Chung Album Malaysia Promo Tour on Dec 5th-8th. Venue will be at several places in Malaysia.(Penang one of them ^^)

3. Ron Ng and Shirley Yeung 8tv series promotion, November 28th-29th. Venue not confirmed.

4. Super Trio Show Live in Genting Highlands, 20th December Guests : Ella Koon, Kiki Sheung, Lau Yuk Chui, Michael Tong etc.

5. Liza Wang in Concert Genting Highlands, 6th Dec.

6. Tavia Yeung H20 function, early December (Venue not confirmed)

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