Monday, February 18, 2008

Charmaine at China Snowstorm Charity Fund (雪中送暖)

Charmaine appeared at the China Snowstorm Charity Fund (雪中送暖) lastnight. She came as a surprise guest bacause she was on leave so she wasn't expected to be there. But she still came over to the studio to show support! The clip below is Charmaine's part. Just a very short clip but still Charmaine looked great! She applied light make up and dressed casually. I prefer her like this because it shows her natural beauty :-)

clip credits to 林元凯

Ivy: The charity show was shown live on Astro Wah Lai Toi too lastnight but at 10pm(same time Charmaine appeared at the charity event) I changed to TVB Xing He for the Astro Awards interview to see myself and Charmaine at the airport...haha. When I changed back to WLT I saw Charmaine talking and I thought I'd missed her performance or something! But then it was just a short appearance to show support. It's very nice of her to come over and support although she's on leave.

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