Thursday, February 21, 2008

Charmaine's QQ Blog Entry:21st January 2008

I saw a post on Charmaine's QQ Blog dated 21st January 2008 which was not posted on Charmaine's TVB Blog. And in the post there were some nice pictures of her shooting the advertisement for Afontane. I'll post translations below because some have problems viewing the QQ Blog.

I previously filmed an advertisement for a bedding company. How do you all feel of the outcome? Is it nice?

1/3 of the time in a person's life is spent on their bed. Sufficient sleep is really very important to us, at least to the skin and body. But because I am always filming, it is very hard for me to get sufficient sleep.

I had once filmed for 3 days and 3 nights non-stop, that time really feel like going to get a mental breakdown. I recalled there was one scene that required me to cry. After finishing that scene, my eyes felt very tired. My eyelids felt heavy and really felt like fainting. Immediately I went to sit down to rest but I felt like sleeping.

Many people say that when we are filming, we easilly have disagreements with other fellow colleagues. Actually not. Because everyone is rushing. If we have the time we will use it for rest. Why would we spend the time for arguments? joke.

My demands for a bedsheet is very high. The material must be very soft, once lie down on it there must be a very warm feeling. The bedsheet colour must also be of soft colours because it will make me sleep more soundly and also bring more sweet dreams.

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Pictures and Original Post from Charmaine Sheh's QQ Blog.

If reposted please give due credits to me and Charmaines's Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Charmaine has given me idea's on getting good bedsheets. Those pictures looks very beautiful.