Thursday, February 21, 2008

8TV E-NEWS: Charmaine at Niu Spring Concert Interview

Here is the interview of Charmaine showed on 8TV this afternoon from the Niu Spring Concert on 27th January.(NZX Concert) ENjoy!

Ivy : Changed to the Tudou clip I uploaded. Sehseh just reminded me that I'm using 8tv's bandwith if I direct link from its website! Thanks for telling Sehseh! Also still left 1 day to vote for NEXT Awards. So have you all voted? If not what are you waiting for? Click here for voting procedures.

Added News Clip 24th February!

clip credit to suki0408

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sehseh said...

Ivy, don't directly link the clip from 8tv site because you are using their bandwidth without permission and this might land you in trouble. Post via the tudou link you uploaded instead.