Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Review: TVB Contracted Artistes Pictorial 2008 Part 1

Here is my review on the TVB Contracted Artistes Pictorial 2008. This is my first time writing a review! And also please take note that my review is based on my opinion and I am not being biased on certain artistes. Part 1 is for actresses.


Top Picks : Actress

Charmaine Sheh : Charmaine looks very sexy in this shoot. The amount of exposure is just nice. Not too much and not too little with some cleavage. A very nice shot i would say. She looks very feminine and the tone of her skin and her curls adds to the sexy feel of the picture. The black and grey colour combination makes the picture look more classy. Also her cool expression adds the model photoshoot feel to the picture. Two thumbs up!

Kate Tsui : This picture of Kate also shows relevant amount of exposure. The picture came out beautiful overall. Her hairstyle and her dress suits her figure. The angle and pose also looks nice. Her smile makes the picture looks more lively together with the young look of the blue dress.

Sonija Kwok : Elegant looking picture. Sonija's hairstyle makes her look elegant. Added her smile and her pose makes the picture looks even more elegant with some sexy feel. Only flaw is the cut-off of the picture. The picture is cut-offed at her right shoulder. It will look better if her whole right hand is shown.

Bernice Liu : Bernice's shot looks very artistic. Another model photoshoot feel like Charmaine's. Bernice shows less exposure but her curls and the gold dress compensates it which make the picture have a sexy feel without needing much exposure. Besides, her pose is more special which makes the picture more interesting. The drifting away expression also looks nice on her.

Age Is Not A Problem

Susanna Kwan : Age really isn't an issue for Susanna. Her picture here shows out her still stylish style especially her hairstyle. She proves that even at 50 years of age she still has that youth and style in her.

Christine Ng : Almost 40 years old Christine looks more like a happy teen in this picture. The angle and pose is pretty well done. Her mini denim pants and black top looks simple but they bring out the youth in her.

Young Look

Suki Chui : Out of all the pictures in the pictorial Suki's picture has the most "young" feel in it. Her pose and smile makes the picture more lively. Besides, the more closed up outfit adds the more innocent feel to the picture. The "wind" effect on her hair also adds a little sexiness to the picture.

Vivienne Yeo : Another young feeling picture. Vivienne's hairstyle and hair colour suits her here and the mini skirt and top adds the young feel to the picture. Flaw of the picture is her pose. Her hand seems to be out of place and lacks the comfortable feel to the picture. (Vivienne is an up and rising star..go go Vivienne!! Malaysians support you!)

Shirley Yeung : As usual Shirley has that cute childlike smile on her. This picture makes her looks like a teen at prom night. Overall a nice picture but only flaw is the lower part of the dress. The lower part of the dress makes her look disproportionate with the lower part looking "bigger" than the upper part.

Something Gone Wrong

These are my picks of the worst of the lot. First let me start with Louise. My first impression when I saw the picture was "Hmm looks familiar...ahh that fairy godmother from Shrek 2!!" Add a wand and some wings at the back then that is what you get!

Next, Sharon Chan. The picture is actually not bad but Sharon's hairstyle spoils it. I couldn't even recognise it was Sharon until i read the name below. The picture angle hides Sharon's beauty. Mandy's picture also has the same problem. The angle is pretty badly done. Her head looks bigger than her body, also hiding her beauty.

Elaine Yiu's hairstyle spoils the whole picture. Her hair is too "fluffy" and it totally hides her beauty. Going on to Myolie Wu. Myolie Wu has the weirdest pose of the lot. Why the finger? It makes her look like she's praying or the "Buddha pose". Meanwhile Aimee Chan's picture looks like a picture taken from a beauty pageant. Lacks creativity.

Others Worth Mentioning

Selina Li's make up is a little too much. Especially the lipstick. She should choose another colour and also the dress makes her look older than her age. Natalie Tong's picture looks pretty sexy and her hair and pose is nice but she does not make it to the top picks list because her "skinniness" is a little scary. Reminds me of Keira Knightley. Her arms are too thin. Gain some weight Natalie! Same goes to Yoyo in this picture. She looks too skinny. But her hairstyle looks good and suits her.

Tavia's picture looks nice at the top but the bottom is a little overexposed. Too much skin from her leg is shown. Gigi's picture isn't bad one but her pose makes her look a little wooden. And for Fala Chen, she looks like she is showing off her "invisible" jewelleries. Not enough creativity!!

So what are your picks? Which one is your favourite and which is the worst one to you?

pictures credits to kuangaitvb


Anonymous said...

I am very sure, Charmaine's picture is number one. Charmain is smart, beautiful and look sexy too.

Anonymous said...

how about linda chung picture?