Monday, January 14, 2008

Raymond Lam wins Jade Solid Gold Best Newcomer Award

Ivy: Raymond Lam won the Gold Best Male Newcomer Award at the Jade Solid Gold Best 10 Awards Presentation 2007. Congratulations Ray! He deserves it as he really put a lot of effort into his singing career. Besides that he also has a really good voice! The song "Searching for You in Loving Memory" is also a lovely piece of song. Hearing this song brings back many Charray memories from Drive of Life. Here are Ray's part in the award show and a news clip. Enjoy!

Notice Ms Lok's expression. She always looks so motherly when her artistes wins an award. It's like a mum looking happily at her child's success. When Charmaine won the TVB Best Actress award in 2006 she had that same motherly expression on her!

News Clip

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