Saturday, June 7, 2008

Into the Olympics 2008

This year the Olympics is going to be held in Beijing, China undoubtedly the most populated country and thus a great source of talented people. More specifically, uncountable talented singers and actors. One of the highlights for the coming Olympic Games is the many themesongs recorded to "Welcome the Olympics". Here are some of my favourites which I felt was very well done and managed to bring in the Olympic mood! Also it made me proud to be a Chinese watching these as I could see the Chinese community from all over the world etc Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China join hands together and sing together for the same reason. These are just some of the MV's recorded. There are many many out there and I think each country has a version of their own!! So you could imagine how many are there...LOL.

Let's start with the one with Charmaine. HEHEHE....Full Version of "Glorious Land" by TVB(Hong Kong)

clip credit to LineTran92

Followed by my favorite!!(And also Ms Patricia aka Pat Pat or Sei Ye's favourite who is too lazy to blog herself and would like to express this to all) "Beijing Welcomes You" by Joined Artistes from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore & Korea(thanks Stephy for informing I left out Korea). I love this! Hehehe.

clip credit to bechame911

Next is "Forever Friends" by Ah-Mei(one of my all time favourite mandarin singer) and Sun Nan. I guess the composer is English! The song is about no racial differences between the countries around the world.

clip credit to cwwan0218

Forever Friends Again! But English Version by Coco Lee & Sun Nan too.

clip credit to twc88

The following 2 are the official "Beijing Olympic" themesong. First one is by China and 2nd one is by Hong Kong Artiste.

clips credit to superchinaren

Ivy : After watching all these....Hmmm... I can't wait to watch the opening!! It sure will be a spectacular event! Today or I should say yesterday(as its after 12am now) was a nice one day break from my exams. Hehe. I spent most of the day online chatting here and also watching the TV. LOL. Well back to my books tomorrow, well should be today. Haha.


stephy said...

That "beijing welcome you" is my fav too!!!hahaahha...lolx
patricia knoe y!!!lolx...
ivy u miz out korea...=P

Ivy said...

Thanks for informing Stephy!! Patricia knows y?haha got to go ask her d!!haha.I'll add Korea now ;)