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Exclusive Interview : Gallen Lo

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Gallen Lo Volunteers to be Jessica Hsuan's 'Donor'

When fellow friend Jessica Hsuan proclaimed that she would like Louis Koo to be her 'donor' for a baby, Gallen Lo laughs and exclaimed " This is too much! Why didn't she choose me!"


Gallen Lo recently attended the Guangming Moutain Charity performance

Elder brother, Gallen Lo attended Guangming Mountain Charity performance and was interviewed at the Intercontinental Hotel yesterday. Since the last meeting, Gallen still looked high in spirit and friendly, smiling and greeting as soon as he saw the reporters.

China's Sohu news site recently circulated news that Gallen's fellow friend in the industry Jessica Hsuan although is currently still single, would want to be a single mother to satisfy her over 80 years old father's wish to have a grandchild.

When a single mother does not choose her husband but the father of her child, Jessica picked her friend Louis Koo as the likely candidate.

Reports stated that Jessica has more "feelings" for handsome guys.

Jessica wants to take advantage of Louis' qualities for her baby? The reporter brought this up, and Gallen who is always cautious and modest with his words stares with big eyes and asked " When did she(Jessica) said this?"

He then continued "This is too much, I want to go and ask her why didn't she picked me? Does she feels that I'm not handsome enough?!"

While talking and supressing his laughter, we rarely see the mischievious side of Gallen. He then added humorously, "She(Jessica) could borrow from me more easilly......" and someone at the scene joked, " Maybe she feels that Louis is more 'capable'!"

Take note, all the above that Gallen mentioned are jokes only, they are by no means real. If it isn't because he is talking to a familiar reporter, he may not give those comments.

Regarding Jessica mentioning her interest in looking for a 'donor' for a baby in her interview, Gallen expressed that Jessica is just trying to make everyone happy and to lighten up the atmosphere.


Fellow friend Jessica Hsuan wants Louis Koo to be her 'donor'. Gallen laughed and exclaimed, "This is too much! Why didn't she choose me?"

Review of 6 TVB Elder Brothers and Sisters : Ron Ng is Similar to the Younger Me

Gallen Lo in reviewing TVB's 6 Elder Brother and Sisters said " Charmaine Sheh is like a mettalic robot never tired, Ron Ng is similar to the younger me."

The three degree TVB's movie king, '1st Brother', Gallen, still the honest and simple self thinks that the '1st Brother' title is only because people 'give face'.

Although these years he fights one after another to enter China's market, he may not know the new Siusangs and Fadans now but Gallen still analyses them rationally and this is what he has to say :

Charmaine Sheh : We worked together before(Seven Sisters), she is very hardworking and is continuously improving. But she has many negative rumours, and this needs a very high withstanding pressure, different from me who received more protection when I just entered the industry.

The situation is, Charmaine has practiced very early, 'Being like a mettalic robot, working hard and never tired'.

Gallen sighed that the negative rumours could spoil an entertainers hard work.

Myolie Wu : We worked as an item in new drama (When a Dog Falls for a Cat). She works very hard to portray her character, but netizens commented that her acting is exaggerated. I do not feel so and I feel that people should give her chance.

Yoyo Mung : Worked together before ( The W-Files), but mentioning her name, my thoughts go to Ekin Cheng, Haha!

Raymond Lam : Worked together before (Golden Faith), he acted as my younger brother. He developed very well, the acting skill, and sings well too. His album is selling well, and he is very popular in China and also around Asia.

Bosco Wong : We are aquaintance, met each other before at a meal. He has style.

Ron Ng : We are friends. His looks is extremely good, but I feel that he has not met with a good production.

The reporter answers that Ron Ng's acting has been criticized as being 'wooden'. When Gallen heard that he replied humorously, "Wooden? Similar to the younger me luo!"

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Ivy : I miss watching Gallen on screen. Looking forward to his new drama. I love his chemistry with Charmaine in 'Seven Sisters' although their big age gap(about 12 years). They turned out as a very cute couple and my mum still loves Charmaine in it until now. Gallen is right comparing Charmaine to a mattalic robot as Charmaine really is very hardworking. Working non-stop! And on the rumours around her, not much worries as Charmaine has a very high EQ and handles her rumours well!


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