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Charmaine Sheh Requests Liza Wang to Help her Clarify

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Source : TakungPao

Date : 25th June 2008

Casts from TVB's latest drama (Forensic Heroes II) Bobby Au, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh recorded for talk show(Pleasure And Leisure) yesterday. Recently, there were reports circulating that Charmaine was turned a dark face and scolded by Liza Wang while filming in Mainland China because she was often not punctual for filming. Charmaine expressed that there is no such incident and whenever there is a new series filming, there will be some rumours.

Denies Being Late

Charmaine Sheh and Liza Wang worked together in new series(Turbulence of East and West) and regarding reports of her arriving late on set and was scolded by Liza Wang, Charmaine denied, "There is no such thing, you can ask Ah Jie(Liza). This is not our first time working together and it was very smooth sailing and we are happy working together. I even told Ah Jie(Liza) that she has to help me clarify!" Is it because of working with Liza, so you dare not be late? Charmaine replied, "It is my principle to be punctual, the reports are written only by misinterpretion of the pictures."

Do Not Go Over The Limit

Recently, there were rumours between her, Ron Ng and Joe Ma. She took the rumours lightly and said, "I could not care less for these rumours, I feel that it is very silly and I'm numb from hearing these rumours. When there is a new series, there will be some rumours spreading. Being an artiste, it is important to have some rumours so that there will be some discussion topics. As long as the reports are not over the limit, then it's okay." Reporters asked Charmaine to share who is her prince charming and she asked them back, "Any recommendations?". Regarding the criticsm of her unsteady vocals in the subthemesong of Forensic Heroes II, she said, "Not true, at least nobody said that I sing badly." Will she focus on strengthening her singing skills? She replied, " I still prefer filming more to singing. Singing is not my strength, but I will still sing my best."

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Ivy: Charmaine always replies the reporters with a high EQ!! Haha. She dressed very properly for the talk show.


Liza Wang Clarifies That Charmaine Sheh Was Never Late

Source : On.CC

Date : 25th June 2008

Liza Wang voluntarily models for jewelleries and precious stones for a charitable event. She expressed that she has finished filming Turbulence of East and West. When asked about magazine reports that she was not satisfied of Charmaine Sheh for being late while filming, she clarified, "Every series has rumours, she was never late before." Liza Wang does not have a new series to film currenly, but she will not rest. She will be busy from next month participating mainly in fund raising activities. Her main motive is to raise fund.

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Ivy : So nice of Liza to clarify for Charmaine just as Charmaine requested. Haha. Liza is comparable to the Julie Andrews of the East. Gracious and elegant. So nice of her to spend her resting time to raise funds!

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