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Joey Yung Starlight Live in Genting

Last Saturday, 28th June to be exact I went to watch Joey Yung's Starlight Concert Live in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. I reached Genting at around 2pm, after a very long journey by bus. I decided to collect my tickets earlier at around 4.30pm to avoid the crowd collecting their tickets later so true enough there wasn't a que at the counter. Besides collecting the ticket, I was also there to collect my promised copy of Joey's autographed poster( I actually requested this from Genting because I was supposed to get the autograph on 31st May which I missed because of exams). But the counter guy told me they are only going to have the poster after okay then, I'll come back here at 7.30pm then.


So my friend and myself went back to the hotel to freshen up and then decided to go for dinner at around 6.30pm. When we got down to the entrance of the Arena Of Stars, we could hear them playing Joey's song already. Then when we sat the escalator up which was beside the arena, we heard Joey rehearsing and testing the audio system! Haha...she was rehearsing one of her fast songs.

Okay, after a very very filling buffet dinner (which I regretted later) I went back down to the ticketing counter. True enough there was already quite a huge crowd....but luckilly they are entering the arena and not collecting tickets.Hahaha. So I went back to the counter and asked for the poster...and then they were blur! And I saw them started talking to their walkie-talkie. Then they asked me to wait and so I was thinking oh no I don't think I'm going to get the poster.....then suddenly a lady called my name and asked who's Ivy? So I told her "I'm Ivy." She then told me(In Cantonese) that she haven't got the poster yet because Artiste(Joey) not done signing yet. So I asked her when will Joey be able to pass it to you then? And she told me she's not sure and asked if I'll be staying overnight. I told her yeah I am(by this time we're speaking English...I don't know why..maybe coz my Canto sounds weird??) and asked her for her contact number so I'll call her tomorrow to collect. She then gave me her contact number. And I added that I'm catching the 2pm bus so if by 2pm she still hasn't receive it from Joey then.....? And to my surprise she answered, "Then I'll pass it to you in Penang." I was speechless at first then she said "Oh, I'm from Penang and I'm going back to visit next month." Ooh...hahaha..."Ka Ki Nang"!!


We walked into the arena and along the way we saw Joey's fanclub members promoting their fanclub, selling merchandise such as T-shirts, Key Chains, Soft Toy(which I think Joey designed herself as she repetitively asked her fans to buy it during her performance), posters, albums etc. I was impressed by her fanclub, and later on I got to know that she has a very very very huge fanbase and this fanclub is a new fanclub etablished by Joey herself and not under her company EEG. Joey is incharged of her own fanclub together with her family and friends helping to manage it. And fans from Hong Kong and Singapore flew all the way to Genting and booked almost all the VIP sits to support her!!!


Joey's fanclub soft toys

The concert started at about 8.30pm(30 minutes late from schedule because of people still pouring in looking for their seats). Then the lighs went off and Joey sang the first song for her concert. And her voice was just so WOW!!! So smooth and powerful. Listening live and on the CD is very different.

My camera got out of focus and went blur but the audio is good enough! Listen to Joey's voice, so steady even in high notes!! Flawless Live singing!

Then after that we were entertained with more of Joey's singing. She sang her songs in intervals of Fast and Slow. So after her first slow song, she then sang a fast song "Lucky Star" which is the Starlight Concert themesong. She then sang "Love you more this minute" then another fast song "Run Away"(逃). Recording was not actually allowed but I managed to record the following two. Hahaha. Before that annoying guy came and told me recording is not "alloweded" should be "Allowed".

Joey cracked some funny jokes during the concert and her dance sequences are beautiful! And she changed into about 8 different costumes throughout the concert. I love the white top where she wore when singing "Run Away"(逃). And when I saw her waist I go...wooww....perfect figure. Hahaha. One of the best part of her concert was her non-stop singing of all her Classics in 9 years being in the industry. She sang parts of around 13 of her top hits non-stop. It impressed me that after dancing and singing at the same time non-stop for about 20 minutes, she didn't ran out of breath!


After Joey sang her last song which was about 2 hours through and said bye, the audience started shouting Encore! Encore! Joey did not do an encore on the Friday show so I was wondering if she will encore tonight and she did!!! She came back on stage and said she'd like to sing the song 16th Lover which a fan who came yesterday wanted to hear her sing but she didn't. So she hopes that fan could hear her sing this if he/she is here tonight. Then Joey took requests from fans ad one fan shouted "xiao xiao"!! I go yes yes yes!! I love that song!! But she did not sing it and said she'll sing "Amen" instead.(maybe she's not prepared to sing mandarin songs as all her songs that night were cantonese).


After that something unbelievable happened...A fan made a big banner and stated she wants to sing with Joey!! And Joey said, "Okay since this is not the Hong Kong Colliseum. They don't charge me for overrun!!" Hahaha. The fan then went up stage and started bursting into tears and Joey gave her a hug and asked her not to cry. Joey then shoulder hugged her and they sang together!!(The fan's voice was pretty good) Then the fan took out her phone(Joey thought she wanted to call someone) and took a picture with Joey and thanked Joey for fulfilling her dream. Joey said that she's very happy she could fulfill her dream too. The fan gave Joey the banner as a souvenir and also pecked Joey on the cheek. Hahaha. Joey then told her, "Join my fanclub! See those light-banners there? Go there and register yourself with them." Haha...she's promoting her fanclub LOL. She then sang a song dedicated to her Fanclub thanking them for accepting her and supporting her all these years.(I had this whole scene recorded but its in my phone!! I'll try to convert it. If it works I'll upload it here.)

**Updated 8th August 2008

I didn't manage to get a clear image after conversion. But here's a news clip about the concert and also the duet. Lucky fan^^


During the show, I received a SMS and its from Corrine(the lady that talked to me about the poster). She told me she got the autograph from Joey already and she'll meet me at the entrance about 15 minutes after the show!! After the show we met up and she passed the poster to me. Thank You so much Corrine! You're so nice! I told her when she come to Penang give me a call. I'll treat her to repay her kindness! Hehehe.

Overall the concert was FANTASTIC! Love every song she sang and she sang every song flawlessly! I used to hear remarks that Joey is one of canto-pop's current best live singer. I 110% agree now. The concert changed me from Liking Joey to Loving Joey! Will I go if there's another concert in the future? Definitely YES!!

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