Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heart of Greed Promo@Ipoh, Perak Part 1



Last weekend was Heart of Greed Promotion Activity at Ipoh Parade, Ipoh. Artistes invited are Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung and Louise Lee. The meet-the-stars event on Saturday was scheduled at 7pm and on Sunday was at 4pm. I went for both days with my friend KC and Grandpa Jo. It was a very very eventful weekend. Hahaha.

Event Day 1

After arriving and meeting up with Grandpa Jo at the hotel and also some Linda's fans, we headed to Ipoh Parade by foot(Ipoh Parade is just around the corner). We arrived there at around 4pm and there was already a small crowd but we still managed to stand at the front row as it was still early actually(3 hours before the event). So we started our wait and as time pass, it got hotter and hotter and I mean really hot(something must be wrong with the air-conditioning). And it got worse as the crowd grew. I felt lack of oxygen!! Hahaha. And to make things worse, there was this middle-aged lady standing beside me with her daughter and she was pretty rude and inconsiderate. I was standing between her and Grandpa Jo and Jo gave her a nickname, Sai Khai(Sussana Kwan's character in HOG). At 6pm there were performances by Astro Star Quest Finalist and also Astro Veteren Singing Competition 2007 Winner. And during these performances, Sai Khai's little son, maybe around 3 or 4 years old wanted to enter the venue. And the crowd was so packed already, and she asked her son to squeeze in into the front beside her!! Please, next time if you come to these events don't "ba wai"(save place for other people). Come early!!

Okay, now the real thing. The MC for the day was Myfm DJ Vivian. And she started with playing some Q&A games giving out some goodies, HOG posters and autographed artiste postcards(we were not lucky enough). And during the Q&A, the crowd roared and we saw Tavia, Moses, Linda and Louise walking into the tent beside the stage...they arrived already!!!


Vivian then invited them up stage, first Louise followed by Tavia then Linda and finally Moses!! And my eyes were focusing on Tavia and Linda! Wow....Linda is TALL!! She's half head taller than Tavia and she's so skinny!! I was expecting the skinny part as from experience, I know that artiste look 30% skinnier than on-screen. Linda was very pretty and looked really young and gentle. And Tavia was Wow!! She's so pretty in life! Hahaha...very hard to express here but she is really really pretty and friendly! And I loved her dressing. She carried the white top with the black belt well. Then I looked at Moses, Oh No!! He lost so much weight!! The last time I saw him at Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2006 he wasn't that skinny. The Non-stop filming from Gem of Life to Moonlight Resonance sure is tiring. Then Louise, she is thinner in real life and she seems to be in very good terms with Tavia. They were standing side-by-side and I saw them chatting happily together while Vivian introduces Moses and Linda.


Then Sai Khai attacked again! The security was standing in front of her and she told the sucurity, "Hey! I've been waiting since 3pm, don't block my view and stand somewhere else!" The security guy said, "I'm doing my job. I have to stand here!" Back to Tavia, Moses, Linda and Louise. They played some games with fans and also talked about their character in HOG. And we were really lucky that Tavia kept walking towards our side and I got to see her really close up! Wow..so pretty. Hahaha. And I loved the way she played games and interacted with her fans. She treats her fans like her friend. And she really involve herself in the games and work as a team with her fans. She has that attitude that Charmaine posseses when playing games which made me like her even more now!

The event for the day ended after a group photo and let the pictures we took (thanks KC for helping out with taking pictures) tell all!! Oh, by the way, at almost the end of the event Sai Khai's son was making noise and Sai Khai scolded her son and then the guy infront of me which was pretty muscular and big sized got into a quarrel with her. They were quarreling until pointing fingers at each other and I was between them. I was on standby to run away incase they really started fighting. Luckily they did not. Phew! Anyway, Sai Khai deserved that scolding. How could she blame her son for making noise. It's not his fault. He's still so young to uunderstand what is happening. Bad Mother!

Pictures from Event Day 1 :

As the post length turned out to be very long I will split the post into two post. Stay tuned for Part 2(more interesting stuff). Also I may post a special album for the pictures without watermark specially for selected readers of my blog only. Stay tuned.....

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