Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heart of Greed Promo@Ipoh, Perak Part 2


Part 2 of the event^^

So after the event ended, we decided to get ourselves dinner(I just had breakfast for the day). We wandered around Ipoh Parade but couldn't make up our mind on what to have. Suddenly I received an SMS from Moses Chan's Fanclub member. He told me that they are going to meet Moses at the hotel later and asked me to come along. He wasn't sure which hotel yet and was waiting for confirmation from the person-in-charge. So we decided to have dinner first at the hawker centre in front of our hotel. During dinner he SMS-ed me and told me its confirmed. They are staying at Casuarina Hotel. So Grandpa Jo asked for directions from the hotel receptionist and after we freshen up a little we headed to Casuarina Hotel to meet Moses!!

Meeting Moses


We met up with Moses' Fan and his sister and cousin at the hotel entrance. He told us Moses haven't arrived yet. And he did not saw Linda, Tavia or Louise arriving yet also. So we chatted a little outside and decided to enter the lobby lounge to wait. We chatted a little about Moses and got ready our pictures and marker pens. Hehe. And V, of course your letter too^^ We sat at a table where we could get a clear view of the hotel entrance. Moses' Fan told me that later on when Moses arrive try to start a topic and talk to him as Moses can be a little shy. LOL. Okay.....

After waiting for almost an hour we saw a Toyota Alphard stopping at the entrance. And then Yes! It is Moses' car! So we rushed to the entrance with pictures and markers in hand (and V's letter too) and before we even reached the entrance, Moses was standing right in front of us!! When I saw him I went blur...Haha. Thats Moses in front of me and I didn't know what to do? LOL. And Moses saw us and asked, "You guys waited very long?" Then he put up his hand in the air in a gripping a pen gesture and asked, "Any autograph??" Then I saw KC took out her picture and Moses signed on it on top of the Grand Piano located at the lobby. So I then took my pictures of him and he helped me signed the pictures. After he has done signing I looked at him and told him, "Ah Mo, this if for you from a Singapore Fan-si." And he took the letter and replied in a very very gentle and soft voice, "Oh, okay! Em Koi Sai!" (Oh, Okay Thank You!). Then KC who was beside me asked can we take pictures? And I was like...Of course!! What are we standing here looking at him signing for other people for? Get Into Gear!!Take pictures!!

After Moses finished signing, the person escorting Moses started sort of rushing Moses to go back to his room already. But instead Moses said, "Take photos together??" Hahaha! And I went and stand beside him and passed my camera to that person. She then said to save time all take together so okay...KC and Grandpa Jo and other fans stand together to take picture. She took two pictures and returned me my camera. Moses' Fan then asked Moses to pose some cute pose for him to take pictures and he did the pose on the picture above^^ That's the piano he was leaning on.

After that, he said bye to us and went back to his room. Hahaha after he left, it still felt like a dream. LOL. Then I checked the group picture and to my horror it was blur!! I flipped to the next picture and it was blur too!! OMG!! ***Curses*** Is that person's hand shaking so badly because Moses is there!! Why so bad luck she took the picture for us!! How often do I get to take a picture with Moses and now it is blur??!! ***Curses*** Anyway, I got over that already and V, Moses said bye waving your letter in his hand!! Hahaha. Here are some pictures thanks to KC. In one of the picture you could see Moses holding the letter in his hand and in another one I was facing him passing my camera to that person and talking to Moses about the letter. Hehe. Clue: I wore black.

We then waited for Linda, Tavia and Louise because we didn't think they were back yet. We saw another Alphard but it wasn't them but they were Astro Star Quest finalists. They were pretty friendy and we chatted a little and took pictures together. After they left, we continued our wait. But we waited until 12am but only saw Myfm DJ Vivian going down the lobby lounge chatting and joking with some Astro Crew and went back to her room. And her voice was LOUD..Haha. But then that's her usual self so n problem.LOL. We then gave up waiting for Tavia, Linda and Louse. I think they already came back but entered from another entrance to avoid the crowd as we did not made an appointment unlike Moses.....

Conclusion : Moses is a real gentleman. His true self is pretty shy and he speaks kind of softly really unlike his 180cm macho looking self^^

Event Day 2

After breakfast, we checked out at around 11am and headed to Ipoh Parade. The event is scheduled at 4pm. We then reached the event venue and Wow...there were already some people waiting!! No...I won't wait for 4 hours there! So instead we went to play some Astro On Demand(AOD) Station games!! And there was a big Plasma TV there and Oh no!!! Madam Ma on screen!! SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!! I was avoiding looking at the screen and I think the girl there must be wondering why am I avoiding the screen. Haha. So me, KC and Grandpa Jo first did an AOD survey and they gave us a free TVB Artiste file. We got Myolie's file. Yesterday there were other artiste too like Raymond, Ron, Linda etc but the girl said they only had Myolie's left. So Okay nevermind since I'm OK with Myolie(but not Grandpa Jo). Then me and KC played the Jigsaw puzzle game of solving a Moonlight Resonance puzzle in 2.30 minutes and we won a TVB Artiste cover notebook!! Hehe. Here is the picture of the goodies together with Moses' autograph from yesterday.


Okay I think I need part 3 LOL as there are more pictures and Videos and one post may be too long. LOL. More on Moses in this post, More on Tavia in the coming one^^ Stay tuned!!

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