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Heart of Greed Promo@Ipoh, Perak Part 3


Part 3 of the event^^

So the last part I was saying until we were playing station games. So after the station games I really don't feel like standing for 4 hours in the crowd so there was this restaurant at the second floor that overlooked the stage so we went there for drinks and food. We sat there until around 2 something pm. I am still holding V and Joyce's letters to Tavia and Linda and I wouldn't feel good if I did not pass it to them. So at around 3pm I went down with KC (Grandpa Jo help save our seats) to the backstage entrance and waited there. I approached a very helpful looking crew and talked to her. I told her I have letters from fans all the way from Singapore for Linda and Tavia. So could you please hand it to them or their manager later as I understand that the crowd is very huge and it would be hard to pass it to them personally. And to my relieve she said, "Ok sure no problem!" We then stayed there for awhile to wait for their arrival to try our luck on autographs.

During the performances by Astro Star Quest Finalist, we were waiting at the backstage still and then suddenly loud scream and chaos! Hahaha we knew they arrived already!! The crowd was pushing like mad and I saw Moses and Louise walk pass us and went safely into the tent. But then there was no sign of Tavia and Linda!! So I looked at the entrance way and Oh No!!...the crowd almost went out of control and the security guards were pushing them away as they blocked the way until Linda and Tavia couldn't pass!! Me and KC were telling each other, "They couldn't pass!" Poor thing! Sure is scary for them!! But luckily things went into control and they managed to enter the tent safely. Haha. We saw the chaos and don't think that autograph is possible so sorry Joyce and V!! We headed back up to the restaurant as being backstage, the view isn't good.

Back to Restaurant

When we went back up to the restaurant, Oh no!! The crowd!! I couldn't even see where is Grandpa Jo!! I called him and he couldn't hear me because of the noise! Haha. So I SMS-ed him. And out seats were taken by other people but fortunately they were kind enough and knew that we were dining in customers so we got back our seats!! Yay!! So we started taking more pictures but because we were at higher level it was hard to get a shot of their face. So day 2 is video day! This time Vivian introduced Linda first followed by Moses then Tavia and finally Louise!! Haha. Here is video 1.

Game Time 1

Notice Tavia playing in the clip. She looks so cute running to and fro sticking the words on the board. The objective of the game was to listen to the slow motioned Famous HOG Quote and choose the words of the quote from the box and stick it on the board. The partner fan will have to finish their can of drink(Wong Lo Kat) before they are allowed to help their artiste to stick the notes. And notice how Tavia cheated a little by sticking the notes although time is up! Haha. She also helped to rush Louise's partner(guy in black) to quickly start drinking!! And notice when Vivian were checking their results, Tavia hit Moses at the back because he got the HOG Quote wrong!!! And Tavia won this round and she gave her partners a bow and thank you!

As we were at the top and we did not hear much cheering for Tavia from the crowd, we felt that we have to do something. So we started our plan to shout out Tavia's name. We call her 'Ah Yi'. Or 'Yeung Yi'. So we started our first attempt. 3...2...1!! "AH YI!!!!"...(KA YAN!!!) Opps...Grandpa Jo!!! We already told him AH YI and he shouted KA YAN! So attempt 1 failed. The people around us were looking at our failed attempt......

Nevermind!! We waited for the right timing again and 3...2....1!!! "YEUNG YI!!!!" And YES!!! She turned around and looked up but at the wrong direction!!! She couldn't find the source and the fans at the direction she looked at was not really responding so she was still looking. No we were not going to give up and we started shouting, "LI PIN!!!LI PIN!!!" (Here!!!Here!!!)And this time Tavia heard us and found us!! Hahaha. She smiled so brightly at us and waved happily!! KC got a shot of that picture of her looking over our direction!!We were glad as at least we showed her that she has fans supporting her! After witnessing our success, those silent Tavia fans wanted a try too and kept on shouting "YEUNG YI!! YEUNG YI!!" you could hear them in 2nd game of the following clip. And Tavia automatically waved towards the above level this time. Hahaha.


Game Time 2

Look at Tavia and Linda choosing partners and after that they chatted about the pictures on the board while Moses picked a little boy who Vivian commented looks like him.LOL.The first game went a little haywire as one of the fans chosen did not know how to read chinese. And that fan left the stage and notice Moses going blur.LOL.Tavia tried to rescue by wanting to help the fan but Vivian said she couldn't. But things went blur and eventually Louise and Tavia went to help out. Followed by Moses and Linda. There is a short part where you see Tavia and Louise uses that "tick and cross" as a fan.LOL. After the game, when they took back the thing, I saw Tavia telling Louise that Oh no! They don't have a fan anymore! Hahaha. The 2nd game was Q&A. And loser has to eat abalone with Chillies. And Tavia lost and she fed her partner the abalone and helped him wipe his sweat!! LOL.

After that, we waited for the right timing again and shouted "AH YI!!!!" hahaha. It worked again! She turned to us an waved to us again!! LOL. 3rd time already!! Hahaha. By that time, Tavia sounds like she has the biggest fan base now. The following clip is on them talking about their character in HOG and also the last part of the event where there is a group photo and also throwing posters!!

Talking, Photos and Goodbye!

At the beginning of the clip, Vivian talked about Moses' singing and Moses said he will demonstrate some. And he ended up blabbering leaving Tavia, Linda and Louise in giggles. Then Tavia talked about her character in HOG and commented that her character is a rich girl but very different from her real life. And she also said if her real mother is like her mother in HOG, she will not care about her. LOL. Then Louise commented about how every mum wouldn't want their son to date a married woman(Bosco Tavia storyline in HOG). After that I love the part where they started going "Dak em dak dak dei ar? Sheung em sheung joi sam ar?Jack em Jackie ar?and Dai em dai khai ar?" LOL. Then after the big group photo we did not shout "Ah Yi!!!" but somebody else shouted but Tavia turned around and waved at us instead!! And she gave us a really happy, long and excited wave!!

We were glad that we somehow helped to make more cheers for Tavia and hope that makes her happy and knows that she has many fans in Malaysia^^ Tavia was so excited at the throwing poster session and she was so nice!! She knew that we were up here and all the other artiste were throwing at the crowd below but she was trying hard to throw at us up there. At first she failed but a crew taught her the right way to throw and she managed to throw the posters up! We knew we made an impression already!! Hahaha. Although her aiming was a little out...the posters she threw at us ended up in the hands of the people beside us. LOL. But no problem! We don't mind. Haha.

Photos from day 2 :

Ivy : Phew! Done with the Heart of Greed event. LOL. I will like to Say a BIG THANK YOU to Grandpa Jo who sent us back to Butterworth last Sunday because of the Sold Out bus tickets. And also to my selected blog readers, click here for the unwatermarked pictures from the event^^ Enjoy them!!

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