Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Charmaine Randomness

Charmaine drought has arrived for me now. Last few weeks I did not really feel it yet because I was marathoning Forensic Heroes II which was a nice installment from the first one. Except I feel that in the second one they focused more on the cases and not much on the casts personal love life. Also TVB or I should say the storywriter did a more realistic change compared to other previous TVB detective dramas where all the cases are somehow related to the family members or friends of the casts. For example, Detective Investigation Files IV, almost all the cases or I think in all of the cases, somehow or another the victim/convict/witness are related to the main characters in the drama.

Some examples of cases, if you had watched DIF4, 1) Ah Man(Charmaine's character) and her father's case 2) Chi San's(Sunny Chan) sister's case 3) Tong Sum's(Lee San San) F&B teacher's case 4) Fei(Louis) and Kwan(Jessica) stranded on island case 5) Korean's( So Chi Wai) relation to murder case where Joyce Tang guest starred 6) Tong Sum's mother's case relating to Rebecca Chan(Jessica's aunty in the series) 7) Chin Chin (Anne Heung) and Fei(Louis) with Roger Kwok's Case...............

Anyway, my point is, is Hong Kong that small that every murder case reported are somehow related to the main casts of the series? Or was it just coincidence? Haha. Sounds unrealistic doesn't it? I'm happy that in Forensic Heroes II, they made a change and cutted down the number of cases that are connected with the main casts. Although there are a some cases that are connected but at least it wasn't made too obvious. Looking forward to a third installment of the series!!

Back to the main reason I opened this post. Charmaine has always been commented by magazines, media etc to have some similar features to Carina Lau and Liza Wang. So how true is this? Look at the pictures below and judge them by yourself!

Carina Lau

This picture of Carina does resemble Charmaine a lot. I actually had to look twice to make sure it is Carina and not Charmaine. LOL. To make things harder, Carina wore the watch on her right wrist too! Just like Charmaine. Charmaine resembles Carina the most when she had short hair. The following pictures of Charmaine resembles Carina.

Liza Wang
This picture of Liza Wang from her younger years does resemble Charmaine. I remembered once there was a quiz published at TVB Weekly and they compared Liza Wang's eyes with Charmaine's eyes. They do have some similarities between their eyes. But I still love Charmaine's eyes more as her eyes has more glitter in it! This picture from Next Magazine 2008 of Charmaine shows some resemblance to Liza Wang.

And this picture of the two of them performing at "The Same Song" concert. They have the same hairstyle and they do look quite alike! Haha.

I personally feel that Charmaine does resemble both Carina and Liza. But she resembles Carina more especially their sideview. I miss Charmaine's news!! Hehe. But Charmaine deserves her rest. So, rest well Charmaine, while I think of something to keep myself and also you guys/gals occupied during this 1 and half months left of drought!

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