Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special: FungPong Blog #1

Today is the 16th of July. Exactly one year ago, The Drive Of Life aired on televisions at Hong Kong and Malaysia. So you could say today is the 1st Anniversary of The Drive Of Life. (Thanks Rachel for reminding me of today!) And 16th of July also marks 1 year anniversary of Astro On Demand!(Bernice Liu and Bowie Lam will be coming to Malaysia this weekend to celebrate this). I still remembered last year I was so excited for 9.30pm as AOD gave Astro Subscribers free viewing for 5 episodes of TDOL. Hehe. At the time I haven't started my blog.

Besides the series itself, there is an official The Drive Of Life Blog by TVB. I think many fans who do not know how to read Chinese are either not aware of the existance of this blog or if they knew, they may not know how to read it. So since it is Charmaine's drought now and also anniversary of TDOL, let me translate FungPong Blog here to share with you all and also to get to know more of the character Wing Sau Fung and Wah Zhan Pong.

Wing Sau Fung Blog : My Survival

My name is Wing Sau Fung. In my life, no one in this world is as important to me as my mother. My rough past with my mother is not worth the mention. Put it this way, as long as I am around, my mother will be able to enjoy her golden ages peacefully. The happiness I give her, must be able to overcome the unhappinesss she undergo in the past. This is how I believe. And I still believe. To achieve this, I need lots lots lots of money.

To be honest, with my beauty, knowledge, ability and wisdom, earning big money in Hong Kong is not difficult at all. The only difficulty is that I have to be one step faster than other people to snatch what I want. This is a very realistic and selfish world. No one will sympathize an innocent honest loser. So, as long as I achieve success as the final result, what is wrong for being a little selfish, cruel or even cunning. All this while, I am valiant. To protect my mother, I dare to do anything. My mother is the source of my survival because we share the same destiny.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Play and Fun to the Fullest

My father, Wah Man Hon, the commander of Kok Wai Steel and Iron Company. I, Wah Zhan Pong, am a man living in comfort, or I should say the black sheep of the family. How would you evaluate me? Evaluate as you like. I will evaluate myself as a smart guy who loves life. Love life, therefore I insist that while I am still young, I have to travel around for pleasure and amusement to the maximum, making use of every minute and every second. Even if I only have a rotten rucksack on my back and would have to sleep by the streets of a foreign country, I still feel satisfied. This, is my philosphy of life.

I believe there is only two kinds of person in this world : One that understands the creation of miracle and uses this to change the ponder and lifestyle of the people of the world; One that follows other people's footsteps and continue to ponder and lead a mediocre life. Obviously, majority of the people are from the latter group. But I deeply believe that I am the minority of human that has the ability to change the world. Even so, for now, I plan to continue to play first, discuss the serious matter later. One last word, do not ask me to inherit my father's business. What Iron and Steel King? Please.

Original Blog Posts from TVB The Drive Of Life Blog.

Please Credit me If the Blog Translations are reposted. Thank You.

Ivy : This is the introductory blog post of Wing Sau Fung(Charmaine's character in TDOL) and Wah Zhan Pong(Raymond Lam's character in TDOL). If you have watched TDOL, you should know the character development of the duo. Stay tuned for more funny moments when the two meets!

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