Thursday, September 3, 2009

Holiday Weekend!


Last weekend I went back home to Penang and then after that went to a short holiday retreat to Damai Laut, Perak. Damai Laut is a holiday beach resort situated nearby Pulau Pangkor. The running resort hotel there is Swiss-Garden Inn. It was a nice holiday weekend as I get to spend time with my parents! Haven't spend time with them for almost two months already and this holiday was much fun as we started recapping on what me and my brother did when we were younger etc. Family moments...miss them! haha. That's what people say, as you grow older, your responsibility increases thus, we tend to neglect time spent with family.

Anyway, as the main motive of my parents choosing Damai Laut is because they want to go there for golf, and I'm not very pro in golfing, thus I took the hours while they were playing to explore around the resort and took some pictures with my compact camera....( DSLR!!) But it was sunny and bright(which caused me to get sunburn!!) so an advantage to the images. I'll explain what facilities they provide and what to expect in Damai Laut through my pictures!

But first of all, go back to Penang and besides my parents, get to see my beloved dog too!!! Miss him so much too!!! The look and reaction when he saw me came home was just incredible and lovable! Ahh.and also not to forget, time spent with my ex-classmates from school for dinner outing was fun too!! Miss you guys a lot and schooling times too!!!

My dog..jumping up my bed!!! LOLS...

And also my dad bought me a book! And its an autographed version too! Thank You to my dad! Will read it once my mum finish reading it =P

Ok now, let's get back to Damai Laut!!

Besides the 18-hole golf course, other facilities that are provided in Damai Laut are free bicycle rides! Haha. That was what I did to take the following pictures! Hehe. I cycled while I stop around to take pictures of the place!

Stop 1: Scenery from hillside (Monkeys spotted!!)

Stop 2: Scenery from lobby

Stop 3: Beach

After that, we went out for dinner and had seafood. Here's what we had. Hahaha. The oyster like clam dish was good. But the other dishes was not as good. The food in this restaurant used to be really nice. I guess its either a change of chef or change of owner.

Next day's photoshoot! This time I went by driving in a car. Haha.

Stop 1: Jetty

And there were some people fishing there and they caught something! I filmed a video of their capture. Haha. Will post it up here when upload is done!

Stop 2: Archery
After that I went to do some archery!! And its free of charge too! Just that they have only 1 bow so far so if there's a lot of people then you will have to take turns..they should put up more targets and bows.

Stop 3: Out to town to shop around and visiting a mangrove swamp(More human food eating Monkeys!!)

Stop 4: Went over to Damar Laut for sighseeing and followed by a picture of a dragonfruit tree(first time seeing this!)

Overall, it was a fun holiday. Damai Laut is a great place for a weekend holiday where you stay for 2-3 days would be ideal. It will be better if you are a golfer or coming here in a large group for barbeque etc. Its not a place for a long holiday vacation because you may get bored. Hahaha. But it was refreshing to get a short holiday and go back to my home! Back to KL again now...have to fight war again!! And I see a busy week and following week coming again!! Argghh....!! Well, till then, update you all another time! Thanks for reading!!!

P.S. I saw You're hired clips and advertisement on Astro during my time spent at home! It seems very interesting and funny. And Charmaine said she screamed in the series until her voice became hoarse! Haha. Can't wait to be able to watch it! And Beyond too which will be airing soon!


yanyankong said...

wanna exchange links!

Shu-Min said...

i like to go to damai laut too. u should try to korek some siputs next time. very nice! and very easy as there are alot there..

see u next round ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I love your dog. Is he a Chihuahua or Rat Terrier like Ace (Carrie Underwood's dog). Glad to know you have a good rest.