Friday, August 7, 2009

T Music Festival *added poster*

Another concert! Another concert!! Muahahaha...Well here are some details of the concert which I took from the Star newspaper!

"The T Music Festival is a five-hour-long marathon concert featuring popular singers from the Asian region. Among other Hong Kong artistes performing are Joey Yung, Justin Lo, Kay Tse, Khalil Fong and Kenny Kwan.

From Taiwan are David Tao, Power Station and Sam Lee. China is represented by Jade Liu and Ocean, Thailand by James and Chin, and Singapore by Kelvin Tan.

Internationally acclaimed Sabah-born singer-songwriter Gary Chaw will be joined by local artistes Eric Lim, Kay Kwok, Manhand, Andrew Tan and Rickman Chia.

Organised by Galaxy, the T Music Festival will be staged at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on Sept 12 starting at 7pm."

extracted from "Soler hits town for Galaxy do" By SETO KIT YAN (6th August 2009)

note: Soler Is attending too.

Ivy : Anyone up for it?? Well I am!! I think I'll go get tickets soon! Will post more details soon if there are more! I highlighted the name of the singers that I'm interested to watch!! I'm happy with the Hong Kong list. They are all singers that I adore!! If they add Leo Ku, Hacken Lee or Raymond Lam in it then it'll be perfect! Haha.


Kent 阿健 said...

Gary Chow? I thought only Z-Chen?

Ivy said...

Yes Gary coudlnt come in the end.