Monday, August 3, 2009

1st-2nd August Events Part 2

William Chan Album Promotion, Station One, Kuala Lumpur

Alright! Part 2! William Chan came for his album promotion last week from 30th-2nd August if I'm not mistaken. Well since he came to somewhere really near the place I lived on 2nd August, so why not attend it? Hehe. Oh btw, you all know who William Chan is? He came from the boy band Sun Boy'z. After they split, he became a solo singer. He's getting famous now in Hong Kong and he won the best newcomer last year in all 4 station awards (JSG, 903, Metro and RTHK). His song 'Taxi' is quite famous in Hong Kong and he is a dancing singer. A big MJ fan. Also Joey's 'little brother' (Si Tai). I'm not sure the relationship between Raymond and him...Si Tai or Si Hing? Haha. I think he should be Raymond's Si Hing if talking in terms of starting in EEG.

Well, I went to Station One Cafe at around 7.45pm. William was supposed to arrive at 8pm. But there was not many people around. Well, I half expected that. Because I think William is not very known in Malaysia. I only know him because I'm a Joey fan and also because I keep updated to Hong Kong Entertainment news. Also because of that 'protest' stuff going on last weekend, well KL people should know..most people rather stay at home last weekend than to go outings. So we had our dinner there first with my family. Alright, skip the waiting part and all those setting the stage up part, William finally came at around 8.45pm. LOL. He came in and I shook hands with him. Haha.

My first impression on William is that he's a very good looking guy. He looks better in life than on screen. My mum says that too. And not to mention his great build. Haha. Well, he has got a 6 pax so of course he has a great body. Haha. William wore a simple white t-shirt, cheqquered pants and a hat....HAT....Fung Fung style..ahahha..well I guess that's summer fashion now in Hong Kong. William was kinda friendly greeting the people on stage and talking a little of his background to the audience. Because most of the people there were clueless of who he is TBH. Haha. There were a few fans that I could spot who really came to see him rather than have dinner at the cafe. So first, here's a video of the first song William sang. His currently plugged song in HK, 戰士 (Warrior).

I half expected him to dance while singing the song as dancing is his forte. But he didn't really dance. I guess he feels weird coz the environment just doesn't suit it and the mood too. He's like singing to total strangers who got no idea who he is except a few that he could recognise that came from previous events (which is real nice of them). As to voice quality, I didn't really expect his vocals to be really good through past experience of listening to him sing with Joey. Haha. But then, he surprised me as his voice is kinda stable and good live (maybe not so much pressure..wakakaka). Thumbs up to him for that!

After that, he sang another song from his album 'Warrior' that is plugging too at HK radio stations. The title is 今天終於知道錯.

Its actually quite a nice song. I guess he's singing without actually listening to the melody at the first part. LOL. Because the music was too soft. Haha. But his timing was still accurate. After that, he talked a little bit more mostly to introduce more of himself so that the clueless people there would know who he is. After that, he said Bye and had to leave to another stop for another function. So when he passed my side I stopped him and asked(Okay, thick skin me again...ahahhaa), "William, can I take a picture with you!?"(I don't expect him to reject me as a always stress on humility and modesty) And he heard my question and didn't answer much, just a nod and then suddenly stand beside me and start to strike pose already. HAhahaha. His assistant or maybe one of the crew with him told him, "Be careful, there's a little kid behind you." But luckily nothing happened. The little kid walked off. LOL. So my mum helped me to take a picture. But then Okay...I wonder why these things always happen??? The camera is in standby mode so the screen is pitch black. And when that happens, my not-so-savvy mum is clueless on how to take a picture. Haha. She thought the camera was not on! And that time, more people seeing that I went to take pictures with him, also went to gather around waiting for their turn! Luckily William waited patiently as I get the technical problems fixed and also luckily his assistant was kind and not starting to go like "No time, no time, next!!"

So my mum managed to take the picture! Haha. I thank William and went over to my mum while others gather around to take pictures with him. Haha. Then I view the picture, well its not blur or anything, but its just zoomed tooooo close. Its like no body. Only two heads..get what I mean? Hahaha. Then I told my mum not nice lar! Then she say then how? I went over to William again waiting for him to take pictures with other fans then I went up and mumbling about blur picture...hahaha. Which I think he had no idea what I just said. LOL. But he pose for another picture with me again. Haha. Nice of him. Here's the picture took 2nd time. Haha. Okay, I show my face again here...LOL. Since its on my Twitter anyways. But please do me a favor by not reposting it elsewhere or direct linking the image. Thanks


After that William said bye bye and left. And my grandma was there too she's like 70 years old and I almost LOL when she waved bye to William and William(I guess surprised seeing an old lady listen to him sing) waved and smiled back at her. Hahaha. After my mum paid the bills for the dinner then only I received William's album. Because spending above RM100 in a single bill entitled us to a free album. You can see the album in the photo I posted above. Then I told my mum... Aiya...should have asked for autograph! And his fans sitting at the next table beside us also said..Yeah! Forgot to take autograph! Hahaha.

At the end of the day my impression of William is that he has the potential. He just has to work hard and learn from more experience on how to make himself comfortable during events and control the atmosphere in different situations. And also its good to see him continuing his promotion tour with spirit at this time when KL is under protest stuff and also with not many people attending his events. That's the spirit! Every singer starts from a nobody into a somebody. Continue to work hard William, success will be yours one day!

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nikikaka said...

Hahaha I enjoyed reading your post. Aw your grandma sounds so sweet. :) Thanks for sharing and I like the song, 今天終於知道錯.