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Joey leads the way


Joey Takes "Asia's Most Popular Female"

4th January 2008

Source : Oriental Daily

Queen of Cantopop Joey Yung lead the way yesterday at the annual 2008 JSG award ceremony. Reaping 3 awards and among them the sacred "Asia's Most Popular Female" which have been defended by Kelly Chen the past few years. As for Joey's normal award, "Most Popular Female" was taken surprisingly by Miriam Yeung, breaking Joey's 5 year streak. This raised many eyebrows of possible setup by TVB as Miriam's performance wasn't too outstanding this year. When Leo Ku took "Most Popular Male" his tears fell like rain, grasping the heart of the audience as he thanked his rumored girlfriend and aid Lorraine.


Miriam retakes "Most Popular Female" after 7 years.

The third report card of the music industry, "2008 JSG Award Ceremony" ended full of emotions and joy. Joey Yung lead from start to finish, taking the first golden song "On the treadmill". As she sang, all singers stood in respect and even Eric Tsang danced for a bit, and the atmosphere was indeed warmed up quickly. As Eric announced Joey's second award "Best commercial song", he personally stepped up the podium and escorted Joey down. When the third award came around, "Asia's Most Popular Female" the fans couldn't take it anymore and all shouted with excitement in a wave, lifting long-prepared banners such as "You are my pride". Joey, full of surprise, kept her humble nature and said, "I feel ashamed at getting this award, as I haven't been satisfied with any of my mandarin albums since I have entered the music industry. I will continue to be a singer that will bring pride to Hong Kong."


Leo Ku cried as he took "Most Popular Male"


Eason takes "Asia's Most Popular Male"


Kay Tse takes "Golden Gold Song"

Translation Credits to Dangero at JG.

Ivy : I was actually very disappointed with the result at that moment! Maybe it came as a shock that Joey won Asia's Most Popular female. I was on conversation with a group of J-fans when the award was announced. And we were so shocked at her win! Not only us, but Joey herself. Honestly, Joey looked very mixed feelings when she won it. When her name was announced for the award, she practically 'sanked' into her seat. Joey mentioned before that she will feel guilt if she were to receive this award this year and she has more confidence in the Most Popular Female Award. The result was she got it. And Joey's speech revealed how unprepared she was. And when she was asked to sing, she said "Oh No...I didn't practice this song!" Luckily she got through it well further into the song as the front part of the lyrics was totally out...LOL.

Watch it in HD at Youtube! Cool new HD function^^(also take not of the delay in the clip...) :

After that, Most Popular Female Award was announced. I think Joey was already prepared to not get this award after receiving Asia. And we were all expecting Kay to get it!! But instead, Miriam's name was announced!! OMG...the response was shocked, surprised, dissapointed, unbelievable!! LOL. As the article said, Miriam only released an album this year and got like 2 plugged hits. While Joey held her Starlight Concert, released an album, attended the Olympics, filmed the Olympics MV, filmed Last Paradise and had 5-6 plugs. My feeling was, how insulting it was to Joey. All her hardwork couldn't compare with that. Don't get me wrong. I am a fan of Miriam too. I just feel that its not her year. I always hope that when an artiste receive an award, the public and the artiste herself should feel that she deserves the award. Seems like the results left Joey feeling she don't deserve the Asia one and Miriam receiving it causing questions of an arranged result. Just imagine in 2006, Charmaine working so so hard filming Maiden's Vow, Dance Of Passion, Glittering Days etc and end up Charmaine winning favourite while Myolie wins best actress. The situation now is quite similar to that. I think I'd rather Kay wins...LOL. But TVB's rule is that if you win Popular Female you can't win the Gold Song Award.

Anyways, Congratulations to Joey for winning 1st Gold Song: On The Treadmill, Gold Commercial Song : Lucky Star and also Most Popular Asia Female Singer. Maybe her Starlight World Tour and Olympics Functions etc helped support her win the Asia award. These are all major awards and I'm very proud of her winning the Asia awards. Joey should not feel guilty of herself as she always underestimate herself outside of HK. Also when Joey sang On The Treadmill and Eric asked the other singers to sit, it was so nice of them to stand up and not sit instead waiting for Joey to finish her song, respecting her. I saw Wai Si and a few sitting down while Kay and Miriam stood up. Kay then asked them to stand. So Sweet^^ Look at the after celebration with her fans :

Going back to others. Sussana Kwan won Gold Most-Improved singer. OMG!! What is TVB thinking? Its kind of insulting to Sussana winning this. Most Improved??? Sussana doesn't need improvement! She's not even a newcomer! She's a veteren singer with 20-30 years of singing experience! No wonder Jade Kwan thought she won the award instead and created such an embarassing moment! Watch the video! LOL. Poor Poor Jade!!! How awkward!

Next is Myolie, winning recommended Newcomer....RECOMMENDED newcomer??? Not even in top 3!! She lost to Linda who won silver! And then Myolie didn't know she has to sing after receiving an award??? She was like, "I have to sing??" And her live singing was not up to par...maybe she didn't practice! Her voice was covered at certain parts. Then Bosco. I really think that Bosco should not enter the music industry. When he was singing with Eason, he sang really badly. I feel pity for him. He's trying too hard. Cho Lam was picked to sing with Leo and he is realy up to par. Cho Lam's singing standard is really high. End up, Bosco won Silver Newcomer while Cho Lam left empty-handed....Injustice!!! Raymond got a gold song award and Congratulations to him!! Nothing much to say for Raymond as he is indeed a talented singer. Another pity...Vincy and Charlene!!!! They are there to warm the bench!! Especially Vincy!!! Poor girl! Hope this year will be fruitful for her.

This year JSG Awards, Paco will be kissing and loving TVB...LOL. While Mani will be in a headache now to start helping Joey release more Mando tracks and promote her in Asia. EEG focused Joey too much to HK only all these years. Its about time EEG fulfill Joey's wish all these while that is promoting her in Asia. Hope Joey don't pressure herself too much...btw...promoting in Asia?? Hahaha...Joey, come to Malaysia more often then!!

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