Monday, January 5, 2009

Charmaine@Joe Ma's Blog

Credit to Joe Ma TVB Blog.

Joe updated his blog on the Guangzhou Awards. And he posted some pictures with Charmaine in it^^ I think he posted a few but this is a clear one with Charmaine in it. Joe really is too tall....Hahaha. Not much news of Charmaine bacause she's on holiday....haihz...can't wait till Palace Scheme!!

This morning when I went to news sites, the HK media are either bashing Miriam while supporting Kay and Joey. Then some mentioned indirectly that the results were 'surprising'. Poor Miriam....Bad Bad TVB!! I wouldn't want Miriam's career to be affected because of all these negative rumours. Its not her fault!! Not winning Best Female avoided Anita's fans to bash Joey. And all the negative rumours on Miriam made the media forgot bashing Joey on her receiving Asia Award....but I guess Joey's humility in her speech paid back as media said "Joey's hard work all these years are finally recognised" to my suurprise! Usually they prefer writing something negative.

Another person badly hit was Bosco....News of him singing off key and exagerating in singing circulated on news sites. This is worse than Charmaine's incident as Bosco is supposed to be singing well in a Major Music Event. This news was in Msia's local newspapers while Charmaine's one wasn't published. Phew....

P.S Sweetness in the Salt tonight!! Ah Yi Ah Yi!!! Hehe... HK people has to watch a mainland production instead....TVB is getting on my nerves!!

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