Thursday, January 1, 2009

Singing to the Wrong Key Charmaine Sheh dare not enter Music Industry

1st January 2009

Source : On.CC

Charmaine Sheh attended a new year coundown event last night. Charmaine sang two songs during the event but then unfortunately she entered the song in the wrong key and flung the song. Charmaine had to cover it up with her smile. When asked will she follow Linda Chung and Myolie Wu's footsteps entering the music industry, she responded that singing is not her forte, and it is more to her interest. "Let them do the singing!"

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Although Charmaine Sheh flung her singing, but she still has many fans.


Both of them seems to be on talking terms, maybe Charmaine is asking for singing tips from Ah Sa.


Charmaine Sheh has to depend on her smile to cover up for flinging her song.

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Ivy :Photobucket.....reporters taking advantage to get on Charmaine. No big deal entering the wrong key as Charmaine is not a professional singer. Just unfortunately it happened and giving reporters an advantage. Luckily Charmaine is not in singing industry, if not the doggies would be much happier...


I hate the captions. I always hate them when they create negative captions based on pictures. BTW, Charmaine looked great and I love her boots. Wow she's all Black that night.....Not too fond of Charlene's bottom though...too baggy. Haha.

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