Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joey Yung's Recording for RTHK(2) Radio

The other day, Joey Yung replaced a DJ from RTHK for the daily 'Made In Hong Kong with 李志剛' program. And at the start of the program they talked about Joey etc. Then they talked about how Joey used to always say wrong things and don't know how to talk in public. LOL. So 李志剛 played a recording Joey did a few years back for RTHK 'Made In Hong Kong with 李志剛' program.

The recording I'm talking about are recordings that we usually listen when we listen to the radio. Like for eg. Charmaine did a recording for Myfm saying something like "Listen to Myfm not only can listen to great music, but you can meet with your idols too! Hello, I am HK TVB's Sheh Sze Man."(I'm going to get this recorded one day!! Still can't seem to get the right timing!! Because they play at random times) Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan, Louise Lee, Eason Chan, Shu Qi, Ah Mei etc etc all also have recordings like that at Myfm. I think you get a rough idea of what recording I mean....

Okay, so I listened to the Joey's version for RTHK 2 and ROFL......HAHAHA....I can't believe RTHK(2) actually used that! Hahaha....I guess it was too funny and cute that they decided to use it rather than use a nice flowing one...hahaha. No wonder Joey said she feels heartache listening to it again and also so 'tai B'....LOLZ...So silly girl lar.... I uploaded that part up. Click play to listen! LOL.

P.S Good luck to Joey for RTHK Top Ten Golden Melody Awards this 18th January!! I think she's more nervous of her performance than the awards!!

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