Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Charmaine Sheh: Looking For Money is Easier Than Looking For True Love


13th January 2008

Source : The Sun

Charmaine Sheh attended the recording for 'Dining With The Stars Lunar New Year Special'(名人飯堂慶團年) last night. She expressed that her new year wish is for health and also to earn more money. Asked if she hopes to find her prince charming in the new year? She replied, "I cannot just find love if I want to, but I can find money if I want!" Charmaine disclosed that she will be spending the Lunar New Year in Hawaii with her family this year. Asked if she will be going with rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng? She replied, "Ha! I'm spending the time with my family!"

Regarding recent news published in a tabloid magazine of Charmaine smoking, she did not deny. She just hopes the news will not go further.

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Ivy : Charmaine looked great!! Too bad she'll be in Hawaii during CNY. I was hoping to be able to see her at the TVB CNY celebration. But in another way, she gets to spend time with her family. She's happy then we should be happy^^ Also how 'mou liu' of the reporters to ask if Kevin will be going with her. Heard that Hong Kong is very cold last few days. Very different compared to last year..LOL. Maybe their efforts in stopping global warming etc etc is working.

One more month and nine days till University starts....Photobucket Have to do everything I like now!! Oh No!! February isn't even a complete 30/31 days!! So means the actual days are shorter....

Joey is coming to Singapore for Starlight Concert in April.....I'm considering on going but at the same time there are many other things to consider too....Haihz...I'm not even sure if I have class/exams etc etc..LOL. So won't think too much yet. Keep it as a hope now. And then JY6(Joey Yung's official fanclub) announced today that there will be a 'Dinner With Joey' on 16th/17th April before the concert for fanclub members...I'm not a member and even if I join now, I don't think I can make it anyways, coz its a weekday....PhotobucketAlso I'm going to be broke if I join more fanclubs for now. LOL. Keep it for later then because Joey has these gatherings kinda often and 2009 she may come to Msia more for album promo. EEG starting to take action to promote her. LOL.

P.S heard that Yoyo and Ekin broke up?? I'm not too sure of how true is this. Ekin is such a heartbreaker!! Victims of his' are Maggie Shiu and Gigi Leung and now Yoyo???


My bad....Yoyo and Ekin are going on well..even plans of a marriage soon?? The reports are on Gigi Leung and Ekin's ex-relationship. Anyway, I hope Ekin treats Yoyo well and treasure her and not go hurting another girl's heart. I like Yoyo and I hope all goes well and all the best to her!

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