Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh Denies Break Up, Both are Good Friends


21st January 2009

Recently there were reports of Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng's one year romance is over because Charmaine felt that Kevin's personality is too boring. Both parties attended TVB Celebration Gala Dinner( 华丽翡翠星力量) on 20th January and were not arranged to appear as a couple anymore. When asked on rumours of a break up, both parties denied.

Kevin Cheng : We are Good Friends

Talking about dating and then now breaking up, Kevin expressed indifference, "I can't stop what people want to write about. I had said before that we are only good friends and it is not possible for friends to break up but only fall apart. But we did not fall apart and are still good friends." Next month, Kevin will be collaberating with Charmaine in a new series, Palace Scheme. Asked if he will be worried of more rumours written about them, he replied, "I'm not worried. Because they will certainly write. The news are so interesting, next month we are collaberating together so they will write that we are back together again already."

Charmaine Sheh : Better to have Rumours than None

Charmaine Sheh just laughed off her break up rumours with Kevin. She expressed that she rarely read tabloid news and regarding the 'break up', she only knew about it when a reporter called her asking about this. When asked if Charmaine feels sick of these rumours, she said, "No. Its worst not to have any rumours!" Even though they are negative news, Charmaine expressed that they will not affect her mood. In new series Palace Scheme, Charmaine's role will be similar to 'Dai Jeung Gam'. She revealed that the similarities between the characters are they have a kind heart and love helping others. She also hopes that this series will be succesful like 'Jewel In The Palace'.

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Ivy : Charmaine walked with Bowie last night. No more 'Gigi' for Bowie so I guess Charmaine replaced her as Bowie's partner. Kevin's comments are right. They will surely write about them even if he worries or not.

As to Gigi Lai, she already registered and got married last month!! I didn't expect her to get married to a 52 year old guy....Maybe he really treats Gigi well. Anyway, blessings to Gigi and all the best to her!!

I will be busy for the coming days until maybe after the 3rd or 4th day of CNY. So I will be less online. Anyway, will update from time to time! Malaysian fans and Singaporean fans, don't forget to cast your votes for Astro WLT Drama Awards!

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