Sunday, January 18, 2009

Charmaine's TVB Blog Post : 16th January 2009

Vegetarian Reunion


Earlier, because of company's arrangement, we(colleagues) ate a very special early reunion dinner. Other colleagues attended are Yoyo Mung, Bosco Wong, Christine Ng, Fala Chen, Stephen Chan, Wayne Lai, Kate Tsui, Edwin Siu, Lai Lok Yi, Charles Szeto, Suki Tsui, Leanne Li, Koni Lui, Chow Ka Yee etc etc. Besides eating reunion dinner, company will air Dining With The Stars CNY Special on Lunar New Year Eve. You all have to remember to watch!!

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P.S For pictures, please visit Charmaine's TVB Blog. Thank You!

Ivy : Wonder why I'm so tired....Haha. Maybe because I spent the last 4 hours listening to RTHK(2) broadcasting 'Top Ten Golden Melody Awards 2008' live earlier. Congratulations to Joey!! Winning 4 awards, "First Gold Song", "Highest Sale Female Record", "Global Best Female Singer" and "Best Female Singer". Although Kay won "Four Station Media Award"(not to my surprise) but Joey didn't lag too much. Kay got a total of 16 awards while Joey and Eason trailed behind with 15 Awards each.

Also Congratulations to Cho Lam winning bronze newcomer! He deserves it! JSG didn't award him anything but thanks to RTHK for recognising him!! Congratulations to Raymond Lam too! He won a Gold Song Award too! Very impressive considering this is his 2nd year in music industry! Anyway, will continue on this later and in another post as its late already.

Joey revealed that she'll be releasing an EP, 1 mandarin album and 1 cantonese album in 2009. EP will be released in March. "Cho Yee!! Gao Meng ar!! Mou Chin La!!" Broke broke. Haha. Have to collect Ang Pow money already! LOL. Anyway, very sleepy already....don't want to continue writing as I may end up writing nonsense(1.05am)....Last words, Remember to watch Dining With The Stars CNY Special for those who could watch Jade Channel!! To those who can't like me, wait for download links/youtube!! GOODNIGHT!! *yawns*

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