Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ivy 唱K again~~~

Ivy Sing K again lu....haha. Lastnight while waiting for my mum to bake finish her cake, I got nothing to do so went to sing karaoke. I have karaoke system in my house because my family members can be considered karaoke freaks. So end up I used the newly bought recorder system(by my mum) to record myself sing song. Haha. Post up one song I sing here...怯 (hip) Starlight Concert Version by Joey Yung...One of my favourite songs. The song translates as 'Nervous/Afraid' in English. The lyrics are nicely arranged and very easy to understand and meaningful^^Lam Chik's piece wor..sure nice lyrics lar. Haha. Lam Chik also wrote songs like Miriam's 'Fa', Eason's 'Fu Xi Shan Ha' and Joey's 'Oi Yat Go Xiong Yat Fo'. Last year, 7 songs out of 10 Top Ten Golden Melodies were his works!!

Rip already I feel the sound quality not as good as listening using the system because it sounds blurer after ripped. But still, not bad. Haha. Don't write so much lu..listen song!

Dunno why...upload already sounds even more blurer!!Photobucket Add download link better...Haha.


Also share some clips...Super "Yao Ying" Joey in Reflection of Joey concert 2005. Really 型型!! Ying but also very dangerous lor......if got slight mistake I dare not imagine what will happen!

Also from Reflections of Joey. This one not 'ying' but damn funny. This type of game also she can think of playing during her concert...if its me, so so super 'gam gai'!!! Especially if I go to this concert with a friend and not relative or special someone.....^^ Watch then you know what I mean..haha.

Before end post, update schedule sin~~~

TVB Gala Dinner will be aired on 24th January on TVB Jade. Dining With The Stars CNY Special on 25th January on TVB Jade also. Then for Astro, Word Twisters Adventure will air on February every Sat & Sun 4pm.(Will confirm the date and add in schedule at sidebar later). Then WLT will also air WLT Drama Awards Special at 7.30pm, 25th January 2008.

Besides, on 24th January, WLT will air the 31st Top Ten Chinese Gold Song simultaneously with TVB Jade at 10.30pm followed by Po Leung Kok Gala Spectacular after that.

Many other Live from HK programs will air on WLT together with TVB Jade too! And also there will be a 200 episode celebration Super Trio Show airing during CNY too! Check Astro's website for full listings!!

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