Monday, January 26, 2009

800 Million Dollar Joey. Time for Love!


Joey wishes everyone an improving Ox year and staying healthy

Date : 26th January 2008
Source : Oriental Daily
Translator : Dangero @ Joeygalaxy

As we are stepping into the year of the Ox, Queen of Cantopop Joey Yung announced that she is finally ready for love, and will actively seek a suitable partner this year. In order to enhance her chances, Joey proudly said, "As much Peach trees as possible thankyou!". She also jokingly said, "With 800 million dollars, I'm thinking of opening a show at Central for my friend."

Despite having fortified her position as Queen of Cantopop, Joey focused too much time on her career causing her to miss out on love during much of her 20's. But according to one of the mediums, Joey's "Love Star" has appeared this year and the final prediction was "This year you will find your love and enjoy a free and happy love life". Joey, who was born in a monkey year responded by, "I welcome such a news! But it's not all about the predictions. The more peach trees I receive means I have more fans and friends, that means I will never have enough peach trees!"


Joey believes there must be "feel" between her and her partner

(What are your expectations for the perfect guy?)*laughs* As I get older, my expectations go lower and lower. To be brief, I think two people must have the "feel" in order to be together. Things such as wealth and class is secondary. Even if my partner is not as rich as me, younger than me, I wont mind. I can always improvise on my love. All other conditions won't be considered. Plus, I don't need to marry a wealthy man, since I don't need to rely on him for living.

(So you really are rich?)
Haha, yes I am very rich! I have 800 million gah! I have decided to buy a whole street in Central and open a small shop. I will also give them some spaces in the street for my friends to open shops.

Up to this point Joey's assistant sniped her "boss (Joey)" by saying she is still missing 799.99 million before hitting the 800 million mark.

As for Joey's business plan, Joey added a serious note saying she wants to try being a businesswomen, to follow the footsteps of stars such as Leon Lai or Michael Miu. Businesses in her considerations include beauty salon or restaurant. She explained, "I love to decorate myself, and I love eating. So I think both businesses will be very fun." But before she completes her business dream, Joey is willing to defend her position against other singers who work very hard for their careers. "I will never stop singing and jump jump jump(dancing)! Being an Ox isn't bad, there's a hardworking heart out there, and young people need to burn up some of their energy!"


As Joey prepares for a love year, she believes her fans' support is very important as well

Ivy : This may be the first time I read Joey confidently say how much wealth she has. Usually she'll say, "My mum handles my money so I don't know how much I have." Maybe Joey and her mum had a meeting with their accountant end of last year to let Joey know exactly how much she has. LOL.....I think Joey wasn't encouraged to reveal how much she has because her assistant interrupted in the middle of the interview.

Remember the list of Top 50 Richest Asian Celebrities I posted not long ago? In the list, Joey's wealth estimated by the media was $200 Million....Seems like they underestimated her!! So the other people in the list may also be much more richer than what they predicted^^

Joey looking for love now...Good Luck to her!! 800 Million!!!??? I still can't believe it. What will I do with this much of money if I have??? LOL...She wants to buy a whole street in Central...CENTRAL??? That's like the most expensive place in Hong Kong with all the branded shops like LV, Gucci, Prada, MontBlanc etc etc there...LOL. I think by end of 2009, Joey's wealth will exceed 1 Billion.......!!!!

Ok, as to me....I don't have the chance to watch any CNY programmes at all on TV!!! Because my little cousins, uncles, aunts etc etc are here so the TV is very occupied.....HAIHZ. Nvm....I'll have to go look for REPEATS!! I'll be going back to my mum's hometown Alor Setar tomorrow! So won't be online until I come back to Penang on the 3rd day of CNY!! HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN!!

P.S I don't think my mouth has stopped chewing since yesterday except when I'm asleep....Oh NO!! Have to stop eating so much....

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