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Joey Yung at JSG, Erica Yuen felt the results were unfair

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Date : 4th January 2009

Source : Oriental Daily

Joey Yung at JSG, Erica Yuen felt the results were unfair

Joey Yung was the hot pick for "Most Popular Female Singer" and now that she lost out Netizens went crazy. Erica Yuen openly stated that the results were unfair, as she questions the acceptability of the awards. Joey generously said: "Even so I will still continue to work hard, won't affect my hard work." Demonstrating the style of a Big General.

"2008 Jade Solid Gold Awards Ceremony" came to an end, there has been rumors going around that because Miriam Yeung signed to be Mr. Hong Kong's host, JSG presented the "Most Popular Female Singer" to her, tampering Joey Yung's 6 wins in a row dream and only got "Asia-Pacific's Most Popular Female Singer". Thousands of Joey fans exploded as they all emailed the newspapers and exploded online: "JSG is really an unfair Award Ceremony", "This year, Joey's hard work definitely deserves to win". Even Erica Yuen did not like the results, she exposed on her blog: "Miriam Yeung Most Popular Female Singer of 2008? Oh my God, Sorry Joey Yung!"

Denise Ho Afraid good friend (Joey) is disappointed

As to Miriam's improbable win, Joey calmly said: "Don't say that, this is a happy thing, don't use this topic. I always see Miriam, I already see that I have put out a lot of hard work and the awards have already been revealed. I will continue to work, it will not affect me continuing to be hard working. (Is the results reasonable?) Actually don't mention if its reasonable or not, having an award is an honor, I am willing to accept any type of award."

As for Charlene Choi, towards her rival Miriam Yeung's award being questioned, she said: "Each channel has their own mechanism, can't use not reasonable to speak of it, Miriam is a hard working singer, her success is pretty good, I am also happy for her. As for Joey, in the past few years she went beyond Hong Kong and even toured the United States and Canada." As for Joey's good friend Denise Ho only said: "I also was afraid that she might be disappointed, but I saw that she was okay."

EEG's CEO Ng Yue also felt pity for Joey, said: "Disappointed and surprised. In these 5 years, Joey had always won fairly. In 2008, it is the year in which she had the most confidence. Which female singer was able to hold 16 concerts in a year? Even Chik Chak gave the Gold Award to Joey, Joey definitely deserves "Most Popular Female Singer Award", I also told Joey not to be discouraged, we all feel pity for her. In many people's hearts, she is the "Most Popular Female Singer", the justice is in people's hearts."

JSG's Producer Recognized Results were Improbable

Mani Fok also strongly supports Joey: "I respect the results, but disappointment is definitely present. Since Joey's many years of debut, her 2008's success is the best. 16 concerts breaks all self records, including her tour in Canada, that makes 20. This is her 10th year since debut, she had always put in a lot of effort, hard work, time and spirits."

JSG Producer (Poon Yue Gai) who was soaked in alcohol accepted an interview during the celebration, asked if he felt the results were fair? He said a bit drunk: "Fair, Improbable. (Improbable?) Its deserved, Joey as the Asia-Pacific winner is a good one. (Joey even felt ashamed of it?) Her standards are just high, I think she's pretty ok, her mandarin songs are sang very well."

Ivy : Saw this article and I was like OMG at the JSG producer part!! Slip of tongue under the influence of alcohol???.....I saw Erica Yuen's(famous for her 'freedom of speech' previous blog postings) blog entry and she indeed stated the above. But the article left out, "Sorry Kay!".

If I were Joey reading this article, I think I'll cry. Because I'll be touched by the support of the people around me and also I'll cry because my friends and fans are worried over me. I think Joey responded to the questions well. I feel sad for her too because it is indeed pure hard work performing 20 concerts in a year. Her hard work in dancing for Starlight, causing her to risk herself sitting on a wheelchair for the later half of her life!! But she still insisted on dancing and continuing her World Tour into 2009(Macau in March and Singapore in mid April...Hohoho). Also, I've never seen a singer able to sing 20 minutes of fast songs non-stop in her Power Medley and yet maintain such strong vocals throughout! Kay even cried when watching her perform it........(Power Medley is in my Imeem Playlist) I bet majority of those protesting out there must be audience from Starlight around the world!

Besides, I think this year Joey had the most confidence in winning the Favourite Female Singer. In interviews she was like "I have confidence!" Compared to the last 5 years, Joey actually worked harder in 2008. No wonder she has so much confidence! As Mani said, respect the results but there is dissapointment. Also as a fan, I hope Joey don't get discouraged(which I'm sure she wouldn't) too as we recognise her in our hearts. Stay Positive Joey, Like How You Always Were! I'll also let this issue stop as Joey herself hopes her fans won't get unhappy and dissapointed. Also reading through the article, they didn't bash Miriam. Maybe I should say she's a victim here too? How would you feel winning something and so happy over it then the next day people say you don't deserve it? So back to the point...TVB what are you thinking!!!??? All blames go to TVB!! Haihz...let bygones be bygones.

OK, stop talking about unhappy stuffs and back to happy stuffs..LOL. First, to V(and anyone out there interested in the song) here's download link to Joey's 'On The Treadmill'. Also I uploaded the 'Rock Version' from Chik Chak too.

On The Treadmill(跑步機上) Sendspace

Rock Version(Live) at Chik Chak 2008 Sendspace

And Rachel, on Cho Lam and Joey knowing each other since young? They are actually primary school classmates and being in the same choir...And Cho Lam mentioned many boys had a crush on Joey but he daren't because Joey's scary coz she's too tall! Haha. Here's a clip on it.

BTW, I watched Episode 1 of Sweetness In The Salt. And I must say, I love it so far!! Tavia is just so so cute!! Love her character and how it developed! Also love Raymond Wong in it too!! Can't wait for episode 2!! This rages me more for TVB warehousing it!! Tavia can LEAD a series OK!!!?? Have to tell TVB that! LOL.

P.S Suddenly news about Oriental Sunday posting pictures of Charmaine on obviously some negative issues circulated....What a mood spoiler.

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