Friday, January 9, 2009

JSG, Music etc etc

Hong Kong entertainment industry was kinda quiet these few days at least for Charmaine's side......Anyway, JSG last night featured award winners from JSG Awards 2008. All the main award winners attended but Miriam was absent. Gossip news said that she dare not face Joey and afraid of Miriam-Joey fans fighting...LOL. Which I think is not true. I believe that Miriam really had a clash in schedule(filming in Beijing). Anyway, I love love love the duet between Joey and Kay last night! They sang very well together and look very good and close too!! Kay really loves purple! Similar to me, I love blue and purple^^Also I like this song originally sang by Sally Yeh(Joey's Si Jie). Joey also duet with Leo. OMG...Joey and Leo looks so involved in the song...haha. Especially Joey!

Out of boredom, I also went You-tubing...LOL. And found a duet song of Joey and Li Jin(Taiwan EEG singer) which I didn't know existed. Haha. Listened to it and I feel its a very nice song!! Title of the song is 絕對一對(Jue Dui Yi Dui). Here's the MV. Uploading it to Imeem and adding it into my playlist!! Hahaha....

Download mp3 : Mediafire

Also Joey's latest song 可歌可泣 (Ho Gor Ho Yap) which is kinda addictive to me now...LOL. This is the upscale High Definition Version of the MV which makes watching at Youtube page itself much cooler!! Hehe. Malaysia still doesn't use lame....Adding this to playlist too!

Download mp3(Moov version) : Mediafire

Saturday night will be Yan Chai Charity Show. At first, I thought I could enjoy this live at home...haihz. But seems like I have to attend a dinner and also I may have to go sing 'My Pride' at this dinner. If I get to choose, I really want to stay at home to watch Yan Chai instead!!! LOL. But I think chances are slim....anyway, if I really have to sing that night, wish me luck pleeeassssee!!!! Also, bought a book to read out of boredom??? Haha. Has been a long time since I read...Haha. Mitch Albom's 'For One More Day'. Heard its a really good novel!

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