Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : Fung Pong Blog #9

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Blamed to Illness

Which of the following best describes (Chairman of Kwok Wai) Wah Man Hon :

A. Swallows the learnings, without digesting it

B. Only he is in control

C. Vary from any average man, fears there is too much money

D. All of the above

Don't need to ask. The answer is D! The reality is right in front of me, I proposed to trade the building for the land. Obviously this could bring huge profit to the company. But my father straight away rejected this. OK! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! I'll just resign!

Worse come to worse, I'll just go tour around Europe! At worst, I'll just sell properties and earn big money! If I were to face him longer, I will go crazy!

I really feel like asking him, has he heard Jacky Cheung's song (Blamed to Illness). I don't have to ask him.I will just keep on playing this song at home and see who goes crazy first!

Wing Sau Fung Blog : A Game?

I have never looked forward to love. Nor believe in love. All the crows in the world is black. There is no manin this world that is worth a women to trust. Just like my father, with his numerous vulgar acts. What is worse, he will illtreat his wife mentally and physically.

My childhood, is a memory covered with blood. It is still clear in my mind the days that my mother's face is covered with dripping blood and we will be shivering and hugging each other. I already experienced such misery, it is impossible for me to walk towards mummy's old road.

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

Please credit me if the translations are reposted. Thank You.

Ivy : Sorry for the delays in translating this as I was busy with other stuffs before this. So here is another edition of Fung Pong Blog. Zhan Pong is really one spoiled child! Haha. And Sau Fung really had a very bad childhood memory.

I will update this more often. As often as I can! Also regarding the recent tabloid rumours of Kevin and Charmaine...LOL..Just take it as a humour. When I read the article I was all laughs as it amazes me how the papparazi could just make things up. And also with such creativity. Haha.

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